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I am so freaking happy we saw TOby again, he's my favorite.
YEAH. You're back and better than ever
@Well, : You know how I said someone could have died? Maybe that's it and she believes they died in some heroic way when they truly died a normal, bland death.
Hello, I looked at some of the comments and got my own theory of the story. I actually believe this is real for Hero, but have my own idea what you might be trying to present (or I might just be looking to deeply into this). I think this is what is going on inside Hero's mind, and the RGB is her guide since T. V. and media have a large influence on the human mind. I also believe this because on one of the first pages if you look you can see a drawing of the idea dog The reason the place is so bad is that something bad is happening in her life, perhaps someone she loved died, her parents are fighting, or maybe it's just as you get older you lose all hope in anything magic and special and she knows it and doesn't want to face it. But either way, I utterly love the story and you have a gift in drawing.