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I'm Meemie. I(or my pokesona, rather) am an Eevee. Okay, two things about my identity:
1. Yes, I know Eevee is severely overused but I like Eevee so you shaddap.
2. No, my Meemie and the general Meemie have nothing in common. I am NOT a creepy, screaming baseball.

As you can probably tell, I enjoy pokemon. So, my art will most likely be pokemon.

My current project in process is The Heroes Guild, a story that takes place after the events of PMD-Explorers of Sky. If you so wish, I invite you to read it. If you do not wish to read any of my work, the door is right over there and I ask that you kindly get the heck out of my profile page.
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@pootis: Yeah, sorry about that. I really wasn't willing to finish this chapter because chapters 9 and 10 ended on cliff hangers. To get some kind of a satisfactory ending, I'd have to finish all three chapters.
@WiispNightmare: RIGHT!?!? I mean, poor Fluffybuns! AUGH, I wanna hug him and tell him everything's gonna be okay!
@WiispNightmare: Very true. I do think Toriel should take her time with it. If there's anything I learned in the past year, it's that you can't rush forgiveness. If you try to hurry, it won't be sincere and the grudge will remain. But, if you take one step at a time, put in the effort to really reflect and soul-search, it feels liberating when you do finally reach forgiveness.
This time, the gap was intentional. I didn't forget to post here so much as I forgot that my buffer was running out and I panicked.
Sorry, guys! I didn't realize that I missed an update here last week until I got around to submitting for this week. I was traveling last Friday and it slipped my mind until now.

So, double update this week!
Everyone's favorite goat mom has something on her mind. So Papyrus gives her spaghetti and golden flower tea, but Toriel seems upset for some reason...
@ParaFox: Ah, thanks for reminding me! I didn't post anything about this not being the last page for the whole series!

Nah, man! This is the last page of the introductory arc, not the whole series. San's session is in progress and I've even been considering doing a session with Toriel.
Keep in mind, this was the introduction arc!

From this point forward, updates are gonna be quite sporadic. Typically, when I'm not busy with other projects, I can update once a week. If I am busy with something else, then it can take a few weeks to update. Just bear with me because I do have some neat ideas already in the works...
Papyrus: NYEEEEEHH!!!!!
@Spediscey: It's okay, though! I just found a ton of other puns...

A skele-ton

(cue Papyrus screaming)
@Spediscey: Cuz you've got a good sense of humor... in your genes?
One needs to understand chemistry, too, Dr. Goodlove.



Sorry, that one was bad. But, it's not my fault. All the good ones Argon.
Of course, if you're gonna kidnap a horde of children to lead to certain death you BETTER be a gentleman about it!
Alright, starting with this page, I'm going to see how many puns I can make each week.

So expect to see some science puns periodically...
It is 5:30 in the morning that I'm posting this...I'm very tired and insomnia is keeping me company tonight...or today?
My god, I love this character already.
So, we've got two scouts, two heavies, an engineer, whatever Darkrai will do(maybe a spy with his phasing-in-and-out-abilities) and the medic...
Congratulations, Jen. You're the one keeping the merry band of trigger-happy death cannons alive. Good luck with that.
ACK! Sorry that it's late, guys! I thought I set the submission timer to October 28th, not November 28th. It's fixed now, though!
@Neolancer: Welp, if I've learned anything in my Methods of Experimental Psychology class, it's that if at first you don't succeed, fail four more times so that your results are statistically significant.
@HarrisonButterGem: Certainly Meemie will keep popping up. Though, now that you mention it, it feels kinda wrong to leave the other characters that I've become attached to over the years. I'm sure they'll reappear sometime.