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I'm Meemie. I(or my pokesona, rather) am an Eevee. Okay, two things about my identity:
1. Yes, I know Eevee is severely overused but I like Eevee so you shaddap.
2. No, my Meemie and the general Meemie have nothing in common. I am NOT a creepy, screaming baseball.

As you can probably tell, I enjoy pokemon. So, my art will most likely be pokemon.

My current project in process is The Heroes Guild, a story that takes place after the events of PMD-Explorers of Sky. If you so wish, I invite you to read it. If you do not wish to read any of my work, the door is right over there and I ask that you kindly get the heck out of my profile page.
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@Neolancer: Welp, if I've learned anything in my Methods of Experimental Psychology class, it's that if at first you don't succeed, fail four more times so that your results are statistically significant.
@HarrisonButterGem: Certainly Meemie will keep popping up. Though, now that you mention it, it feels kinda wrong to leave the other characters that I've become attached to over the years. I'm sure they'll reappear sometime.
@HarrisonButterGem: Making small cameos in Papyrus in Practice, you mean? Maybe.
What, you thought I was just gonna jump off the face of the earth after T.H.G. was cancelled? Nah, that would be boring.

And guess what video game I got on Steam and completely fell in love with!?

Well, I fell so much in love with it that I decided to make a mini-comic series on it. So, if you liked my art and writing here, this other comic may be worth a look!

So, I present to you, fellow explorers, Papyrus in Practice:
@DewottAlex: I'm sorry to break this to you but...

Hope this answers your question.
@JollySyko: If it makes you intrigued, I'm working on a short-length Undertale comic currently.
Heya. So, it's been a while. Thought I'd leave you guys an update on what has happened in the past while and the future.

First thing's first, THG is officially cancelled. I thought that I'd be able to finally finish at least Chapter 9, but no dice. A combination of missing pages, broken-down scanners, college, and other things are some of the reasons why. Though, the main reason is that there are a bunch more projects that I've been working on lately. I've been getting commissioned to do pieces for personal use and YouTube videos. It's been a lot of work and I've officially transferred to full digital.

I've got a lot more art on my DeviantART page if you guys want to take a look:
And these are the video commission projects I've taken part of:
I've even got my own website!:

As for SmackJeeves, I'll still comment of you wanna talk, but this comic is done.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading it and commenting and liking it so much. I was so surprised by the support I've gotten from you guys and you're a lot of the reason THG lasted for over 8 chapters. I really hope that you'll go and support my other works(because my art has gotten better since then).

So, I'll see you all soon over at DeviantART

And, as Meemie and Luna put it...

Oh I can feel the gears in Jen's head turning from here with all the comedic possibilities.
@Guest: Thank you very much for your concern. It means a lot to me. I'm doing alright. Sort of a combination of school and other art projects have made things really busy for me. I do have an announcement page, but I've been holding off on it just in case something changes. I probably should post it soon, though.
I feel. Body shaming really is a vicious cycle that needs to stop. Sure, there have been efforts to stop the stigmatism, but it is met with equally more efforts to shame more people. The more people are discouraged that they should be ashamed of their body, they hate their body even more. The more they hate their body, the quicker they lose the willpower to take care of it. It has been suggested by research that larger individuals are more prone to Depression.
February 26th, 2017
Like the time he managed to convince the hospital he was a doctor, all you really need is confidence.
No THG this Week
Hi, everyone. THG won't be posting this Wednesday. There's been a death in my family and it's been pretty hectic between figuring out the funeral, supporting family members, and... it's just been hard. I'll try to have something posted for next week.
@Hyperjade: More like a continuation of the story.
@SkyHooves: It's coming out alright on my screen. I believe you are able to zoom out on the page. Just go to "View" on the top bar and click on "zoom out". Hope this helps!
Sorry for the substantial delay, guys. So, to make up for it, here are two pages.
Sorry this is late. Technical difficulties.
Ah, Jen. You're a snarky little pokemon and I love it.
I know your background as a doctor was a bit of a Heckit one but how does it feel to be the Guild doctor and chef. I noticed they didn't include you with a corresponding voice actor.
Audrey(in the voice of Andrea Libman): I’m a bit nervous, but also really happy about it! No one from my hometown could of ever guessed I’d become the sole doctor of a whole guild!

I have a question for you Meemie, is the reason why you are so lazy because you've stopped Darkrai and you think there's nothing to worry about now? Is that why you sleep all the time?
Meemie: Look, I’ve come from the future, to the past, back to the future, then back to the past again, ceased to exist for a few months, then defeated just about every legendary pokemon there is. I think I deserve a bit of laziness!

I have a question for the Guildmasters :
What if a team composed of tiny legendaries (Shaymin , Mew , etc. ) joined your guild but in reality need serious help in missions?

Meemie: We’ll make money off of them by showing them as a side-show attraction of powerful cuteness.

For the kecleon brothers: why do you keep attemptin to scam yeah hero, when they would likely be able to OHKO you?

Kecleon: I think it would be the other way around. Don’t you agree, brother?
Kecleon: ~chugging down a Protein~ Oh, most certainly.

Also, for the apprentices: what do you do when the leaders are away?(I will ensure they never see this ;))
Hope: I don’t know. Usually, it’s the other way around. At least one of them is usually there, mostly Meemie, and we’re usually out doing missions. The question is, what does Meemie do when we’re not there?
Luna: Sleeping.
Faith: I’m not sure about that. She used to be a human. What if she has some sort of human ritual she does?
Meemie: No, Luna’s right. I’m usually sleeping.

To meemie and Luna
Who taught you two how to fight? Must've went through hell to become the best of the best.
Meemie: A Wigglytuff on god-tier levels, a few legendaries and time-travelers who have tried to kill us, you know, the usual

What is your favourite item to use in any situation?
(Meemie throws a seed at an enemy pokemon who catches it)
Meemie: Alright, Luna, go!
(Luna OHKO’s it)
Meemie: Wait for it…
Enemy Pokemon: Wait… this isn’t a Revi- BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
(The enemy pokemon laughs uncontrollably while they faint and fade away)
Meemie: Never gets old.

Question for Meemie. When you went to your first mystery dungeon, what's your first reaction to a monster house?
Meemie: …I think there was an item we missed in the previous room. You got this, right Luna?

Sorry for the delay, y'all.
A few questions.

1. Meemie, is that your actual name or just a nickname? I've never heard of anyone named Meemie before.

Artist: No, my name is not actually Meemie. However, the character Meemie has, so far, been in use for five years through various works though various media. Meemie used to be a character for some short animations I did once upon a time. I stopped animating then turned to producing comics and here we are today. But, long story short, I just liked the name a lot and made it my screen name.

2. Faith, what would you do if you met any other 'mons who saved the world besides team hero?

Faith: They’re great and all, but there’s only room for TWO senpai explorers in my heart!
…does that sound weird?

3. To Meemie again, what would you like to evolve into? IF you can evolve that is since I don't know if humans can.
Meemie: Stay tuned for the answer in a few days.


How ticklish are you Meemie?

Meemie: If you try and tickle me, you might lose a few fingers.


This time for Meemie: You have been in this world as a Pokemon for some time now. Did you ever had romantic feelings for another Pokemon or does another Pokemon confessed his feelings for you?

Meemie: The idea always seemed really weird to me. If you turned into a cat and another cat came along saying he/she wanted to bang you, it would feel pretty weird.