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To describe myself in three words...

Jesus. Books. Art.

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    Quynh Anh Nguyen
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...I have a bad feeling about that mermaid. Be careful, Jasper...
I love these two. =///__///=
Wooooooo, SPREAD PAGES!! 8D

And that's not a STEEL fan, is it? I heard those things are really heavy; they can break bones easily when you fight with them closed like that. Ouch. >___<
You just caught yourself another fan~~ Looking forward to Chapter 4! >w<

And that is AWESOME, by the way!
I think Jasper is growing on me.
So in love with this comic. //flails
I like this story very much, no one is really how they appear at first glance. For example, the Sandman, lord of pleasant dreams, seems to be the antagonist and the terrifying Bogeyman is actually loving but has no idea how to express it?!

I adore this story. If you ever print it, I think I would like to buy it. 0w0
Hope you feel okay soon! I really like this comic by the way~! ^_^
Yes she certainly is, lol.
And this is where it ends for me?! The exact moments where things are getting really intense?!?!!
That's me with my friends. We'll be talking about something, then there'd be a short pause and suddenly I'd burst out with something totally random. (Ex: We're having a conversation about clothes. There's a pause, I say something about what the proper quality of food should be.)

(A: Fresh.)
Straight to the point. I think I like her already.
Hallo~ I was following this on but I think I'll start following hi. :)

I really like this comic, by the way (for all its little twistedness, heh) and I love the intricacies of the story. Hope you update soon~!

(Also, I love Adolphe. Just saying. Fufufu~ //slapped)
Hmmm... ( ^ _ ~ )