Born to the dark elven race, the one known as 'SpiralofDragon' accidentally fell through a portal to the third material plane, known to the local inhabitants as Earth, as a young adult. Startled by the light and cold of this new place, spiral has lain low, measuring this strange world and waiting for the perfect opportunity to enact evil plots while nostalgically drawing pictures and writing storys of the world left behind.

Can often be found prowling on DeviantArt: http://spiralofdragon.deviantart.com
There aren't holes in his shirt where the wings popped through?
Looking back at chapter 2 when we meet Dae... I'm guessing Kreydir
If I were in this situation, I suspect it would be less 'what am I running to' and more 'what am I running from.'

I suppose he could be running to look for survivors
Bakes little cupcakes for lonely tea parties? Probably plots and feeds Dae depressing comments as well.
Favorite color is forest green. You must be pretty tired, though. Put the page description in the hovertext :D
After the potential pain died down, I would immediately embark on my quest to see if the wings supported flight. If so, you might never be able to get me to walk again. The horns would be baffling, but cool
Not sure what manga you stole bloody horns from specifically, but I'm put in mind of Haibane Renmei - which I guess is wings. The main character of the comic Sister Claire also sprouts bloody horns: http://www.sisterclaire.com/comic/book-2-chapter-7-pg-143#
Aaaaaand cliffhanger!

Have we seen Ulfir's reaction to this development yet? I'm curious to see him and his jealous wrath
Has anyone called Mark to scream at him yet? I feel like this is a necessary next step.
Might not be an ancient tale, but while most people seem to have read/watched The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, barely anyone will have gone to read, or even heard of, the Silmarillion or any of the other books on Middle Earth. (Anyone who hasn't should totally give them a shot. A lot of things in LoTR and Hobbit will make so much more sense!!)
Well there's one I haven't seen in my RSS in a while! Time to binge read!!
Now I'm wondering, since Ireth has a night fury now, will this jerk suddenly be interested in her? If so, Rune's got some unpleasant competition.
I can't help but wonder if she was born female or not. She'd certainly have the means to change with this family. Could also explain some of the connection with Nikki.
I'm going with 'Oh god it hurts. Ow.' Being the first reaction given the gaping wounds
Due to the amount of convenience that is choosing one site and sticking with it, I'll probably just update here now. Bluh. Here's some catching up.

This is one of my favorite pages since it does a great job showing Alanon's reaction to the whole incident. Also, I'm realizing the part where I introduce Alanon by name was in the long prologue chapter that I cut down to its current 7 pages. It was 20 pages of unnecessariness and now its gone. I'll cover the basics of what it contained later. In the meantime, I need to work his name into the dialogue...
Looks like Riza is trying to rescue Dae (who looks like he very much wants to be rescued), but it isn't very effective since Riza is falling herself. All this is taking place on the backdrop of a war of Titans. Ones that, apparently, have taken over Riza and Dae making an awkward co-existence. Personal and global struggles abound.

In other news, I really like the art of this page! Particularly the textured stained glass sort of style.
Chapter 1 cover
This is the second time I've looked at Smackjeeves and discovered the automatic updates I set up didn't automatically happen. I no longer trust this site and updates here will now be whenever I remember. If you want more regular updates and all the comic-related content (Including news and character bios and place maps), go to the Comic Fury site: http://wallsofisatu.thecomicseries.com
Plot! Or at least character interactions
Page 4
Late update, I know. But there's color. I won't do this often for this comic. I mostly intend the color to highlight important stuff. I'll put page 5 up in a few hours.

The intro is officially over (there's more to the prologue, though).