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Born to the dark elven race, the one known as 'SpiralofDragon' accidentally fell through a portal to the third material plane, known to the local inhabitants as Earth, as a young adult. Startled by the light and cold of this new place, spiral has lain low, measuring this strange world and waiting for the perfect opportunity to enact evil plots while nostalgically drawing pictures and writing storys of the world left behind.

Can often be found prowling on DeviantArt:
The internets have informed me that the old font was a challenge to read. So welcome to the new font! *Growls at anyone else who tries to suggest changes to Chapter 1*

I have approximately a 50-60 page buffer. Uploaded the rest of Chapter 1 (with new font) last night and looks like we'll wrap up Chapter 1 sometime in February next year.
The last panel here is one of my favorites and the one I often use when showing the art style of the comic to people. Note, his eyes are actually blue...
September 15th, 2018
This lovely tea vendor is a cameo of the amazing Erisidos who is the chief editor for this comic. She helps me make Evandaril's voice in particular sound right. The cat is named Jasmine and is a manx/siamese. Eris insisted that if she was going to be a comic cameo than the cat was joining her!
September 15th, 2018
World building note: Alatai are equivalent to high elves in Dungeons and Dragons. In this comic, they have long ears, pale skin, and straight black hair. Many of the other characters are Silvarai, who are equivalent to Dungeons and Dragons wood elves. They have shorter ears, wavy or curly hair, and tan easily.
This market panel is one of my favorite panels in the comic so far. Soooo much itty bitty detail!

And since I've received some confusion on panel 3, I should probably clarify that Evandaril is quite embarrassed by PDA because I (subconciously?) made him ace spectrum. He'd probably identify as demisexual. I myself am completely asexual so...
And get started we shall! Welcome to Dragonmage, my precious art baby! Hoping to see lots of comments here. Let me know how things like the comic size and fonts are working out (I'm a fan of this font because it looks like my handwriting, but it can be changed).
OMG if you find this magical scanner, let me know. I'm also on the market for one in size 11x17 since apparently the comic pages I draw are too big for the normal scanner to handle properly :|
Ooooo I really like the character design for this new lady!
Now while I have into chapter 3 of this comic sketched, I think it's time to admit I strongly dislike the direction of this comic. I've transitioned into working on another comic that will likely launch in a few months which is a satisfying experience in drawing and scripting. However, Alanon is one of the most interesting characters I have and I would love to come back to his story one day. He's certainly the character of mine I've had the most demand for! The supporting characters need work, though, and to do Alanon's story justice, the plot probably needs an overhaul as well -_-
Glad to see you back!!

And I think the traditional inking looks quite nice
@Guest: Lark does feel appropriate for him!
The bit about excuses? You're on my RSS feed so I get the update anyways no matter when you post it. As long as the story goes on :D (To be perfectly honest, I no longer know the update days for most of the comics in my feed...)
I threw this cover together kinda last minute. Or after the last minute really... Apparently your comic gets disabled if all you have is an old english quote as your front page which is new to me. So I grabbed the most similar piece of art I had to the comic (technically these are not the characters in the comic, but they look enough like them that it works) and added a title.

Description: A drow elf has become stranded in the surface world and takes a surface elf woman captive to learn her ways and ensure his own survival.

This comic is mostly in black and white as is the profile format I chose for the page background from SmackJeeves. This is largely to highlight the contrast between the two main characters as they come from almost opposite backgrounds. A few pages are in full digital color since I was experimenting with that, but decided it took far too much time.
Supposed to be raspberries. Because raspberries are my favorite :D
Possibly my favorite page in this whole thing
That last panel... might be a warm-up for the more major comic I'm plotting out. Hint - there will be many dragons-flying-over-forests scenes

Apparently there was a problem with my original cover causing this page to be delayed...
Can anyone figure out what he's got there?
What could it beeeee???
Last page of this little one shot set. Hope you enjoyed reading!!

Possibly I will color this one one day so it fits with the rest of the chapter