I like.... potatos
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dawwwwwwwwwwwwm <3 <3 <3 <3
I really want to know xD why they break up ...
@deee45: we can't let team Scott win xd ... Scott it's super violent and crazy xD
If you remember when they abused you having sex with some guy ... THAT CAN BE RIGHT!
I don't really like Scott it's too psycho for me xD ... REUBEEEEN DD': WHY THEN CAN JUST TALK?!?! jbhbhcsabchccbjchsbscb REUBEEEEEEEEEEEEN MY ANGEEEEL! MY AANGEEEEEEEEEL!!!
But xD if he has sex with Tommy in the way he do it with Crush so.... OBVIOUSLY IT WAS GOING TO END QUICK!
NOOO xD but... that's all? oh man ... i i i ... i ... i need more. I let the time past so in that way it'll be more pgs to read... but now :'D i feel so empty.
I love your story and your style, it's just perfect. And the bird guy .....mmmmh <3 eeey handsome, take me prisoner and do me whatever you want ~~~~grr
uuuuy ~~~~helloooow pretty eyeees <3
@ameoname: that xD it's me i forget to log in.
OOH MYYY Yoni xd ... dude.... please ... no. You can't trust in a freak sculpture inside of a strange cave when you wake up before being kidnapping by angry crow ... YONI NO! DON'T DO IT!

like we say in spanish: PERO MIJITO NO SE META EN TONTERAS!
DUUUUUDEEEE! xD This two are my real OTP!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 .
@Oliviaaaa.: yeeeeeah i was thinking the same thing
@CressaKitty: he probably should xD thank you for the lovely comments <3
@pandapandapanda: hahahahaha <3 do they? thank you for the support :D
:'D Just two more pages for the action <3

Eli's a mystery...
@raikua: HIII!! Thank you so much! I use photoshop :)!
Im back!
how guys, life got in the way of this comic! but i hope i can keep updating it from now on :)
January 22nd, 2016
atatata <3
i like so much this comics! <3 <3 I can't wait for the continuation

And don't worry for the wrong word, my first language is spanish and i make mistakes all the time :'D

I love Terrance <3 <3
asdsasdasasasda MY OTP!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
@Rann: :'D ...... is September.... snif .. i'll be waiting ....
Another page this week! YAY! :3