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I like.... potatos
February 17th, 2018
WUOOOOW xD this page is awesomeee!
November 23rd, 2017
:CCCCC dude this comics is so perfect IN SO MANY LVLS! xd
August 27th, 2017
i love this comics xD i can't wait for the new page! Dx <3
Dawwwwww jameeeeees <3 my sweet angel. The roomates in this comics are pure angels, First Asao and now James :')
yeeeeeei <3 <3 <3
@ameoname: AHAHAHA! POOR YONI! i love him! xD
The last sentence is something like " poor kid, be strong jhonny" but in the Spanish way is more ... coarse? Like when in English we use "yo man!" xD jAJAJA i don't now if i express myself right.
HAHAHA POOR ASAO! xD Crush give him so many problems
@Eina M.M.: DDD': chjshcjsacjsahcjascbcsjb i don't wanna see reuben's pain.
@princecrow: :C me too!!
WUAAAAAA! I'M SO HAPPY! xD it is okei! i have been waiting for this since the last update, a can wait a little more.
I really like this comics. The story is so good!!
KYAAA KYAAA REUBEN! <3 <3 :'D i miss him so much. my baby, my angel <3
DDDDD///: AAAAH AAAAAH AAAAH HIROMU! I LOVE HIM! MY SWEET LITTLE ANGEL :') look at him! <3 <3 jdbcdshvbdhvsdbhvhsv
@jayseesall: AMEN. We are all invited to the wedding.
Weeeeell the ravens have a good point JAJAJA.
The human history proves that we are really good for stealing rocks, gold, silver, people, etc etc etc etc etc etc.
Poor Yoni, he needs to suffer because we made us a bad reputation with other species.
Pobre cabro x'd fuerza ahí Jhonny <3
@genericblogger: hell yeah <3
@Sunshine2919: i think it's about himself xD the other option it doesn't have any sense.
i mean in the only thing that Scott had been sincere it's about his love for Crush.
i miss Reuben :C ... but xd i just get a little tired. CRUSH, JUUUST TELL REUBEN xd so you can finally broke up, and then ... do whatever you need to do.
And then fuck with Scott forever and ever. I mean xD Reuben is thinking "=D yeei i can have a relationship with Crush! ITS POSIBLE!" STOP IT! xd let him free. He is a monogamous person. xD oh my.... this is going to burn.
@Idkaboutlife: they don't need love xD they need a psychologist. And maybe group therapy.
@genericblogger: I think THE SAME THING xd <3
I'm still thinking that Scott it's a weird guy xd a SUPER weird guy.
And it's not because hi's doing it with Crush, actually his thought are too darker. Like when he punch to Reuben and that really hurt him and Scott was like "YEAAH GOOD! I'M NOT SORRY. you deserver it nyajajaja" xD it was like "dude, how can you be so toxic" He need to work with his envious xd it's too much violent.

And his S tendencies they make me feel a little uncomfortable jajaja but i think it's more because it's not good for Crush. Maybe he need a M partner who can be envolved in that kind of relationship in a healthy way and not because he has the feeling that he to be punish.


I still don't like Scott xD and it's weird the first time i saw him i really like it, but .... xd nop nop nop nop nop nop nop