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i find that kind of troubling since she kind of just met them. ;x
Dreams invaded by spirits =/= normal dreams :P
"Wait i get to eat food made by the girl I like? o_o;;;;;; score!" <- Skye's brain
Love Triangle?
This girl is either a defender of justice, or she has a crush on Yuri herself, lol.!
5 words, and a blush.
"She's to beautiful to bully .///."
Skye - I would never bully someone so beautiful!
Wooooow, i totally missed that. ._. and that would explain why she looks so much like Mika and Fuko ;P that was my first thought when i saw Skye too, "She look's like Fuko and Mika's daughter xD" and i STILL missed the teacher calling herself Mika, lmao.

but...magic babies? o,,o

My statement still stands, but adult Mika and Fuko, and possibly the story of where Skye came from might be nice ;P
self-cest OP?
As for what you should do, i think a quick little after story, then move over to Skye with Fuko, Mika, Aiko, Setsu and Yumi making occasional cameo's in the backround =P (maybe not relevent, but Skye might walk by and Fuko and Mika are flirting somewhere in the backround ;P)
Dad kind of surprises me o.o
he see's his daughter kiss a guy, then make out with a girl. and he's not only chill with it. totally approves of her making out with a girl.

GG Dad, GG.
I object to his objection! She's clearly not very physical, while Mika is clearly smarter, they assumed he wasn't an idiot considering his attempts to manipulate things, and he was able to make good choices for a meal. so while Mika DID fail one competition, he tied the other, and probably did fairly well on the second.

The only thing he really "failed" at was who actually makes Fuko happy with their kiss, to which was obviously Mika, competition or no competition.
He's not gonna stay calm, he's gonna flip. but dad's gonna step in. o,,o
when he kisses her, she's got a kringe. when SHE kisses Mika. Mika is all nervous about it. lawl =3
She doesn't wanna kiss the guy xD

Legit though, while he probably has more experience. I'm betting Fuko is gonna like the frazzled first timer better ;3
Bonus Round!
Who is the better kisser!
Gender test! because Fuko is obviously gay <.< xD
Nerd vs manipulative ass. I wonder =3
i'm totes a psychic =3

and i think most people are okay with chibi's as long as they're not overused in something.
Nobody ever said a "Challange" implied hand-to-hand combat <.< you can challenge one in any number of things. She can simply challenge him to something she excels at. XD he's obviously prideful, not exactly hard to coax him into it.
your right. gg.