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Reapers game is a multi-author fan comic based on The world ends with you. Gradually a number of authors left and due to an update drought the comic has kind of been dying. The remaining authors wish to continue, however we do not have the necessaries number of players to begin week 3, thus we are asking for new authors. If we can get 2 more authors willing to play player characters we will be able to start week 3 (and we obviously are open to more authors once that goal has been reached).

How to join

-To join just post here: with a sprite (needs to be human) and a sample comic (a comic you recently produced), then send a request. This must be completed by April 30th, otherwise the comic will be cancelled.

The comic's mission based structure makes it easy to find focus for your character be they player or reaper. Also due to the leaving of a lot of the old authors the ongoing plot will be made less important so to be new author friendly.

And sorry for the slightly clipped advertisement, my laptop had to be sent away for repair and I put this off a little too late to give it the full care I should have.
There is a number of city backgrounds on sdb, such as Bleach DS 4th, which are also not isometric, so more suitable for the sprites we use, even if the size is a bit off.
Btw should we advertise the fact we need players somewhere on Smackjeeves, if there is a place.
As long as people are still I'm up for week 3, although it seems that there aren't that many people.
Did I say April 1st, I meant March 5th, early April fools, lol, so update up tomorrow?... That won't work will it?
Wait, you're not going to release it on 31st march or 1st April solely to spite that deadline, right?
Thanks. Like I said, I will wait 'til April before updating, in case anyone wants to update and continue into week 3, but if not, then I'll work on ending this comic. Also if anyone wants to update during april and so on to finish anything they want to do with their character that will also be good. I don't want to end this alone, if at all, as I am not the best writer.
ShadowrikuXIII, can you re-upload your sprites, they are still down.
If no one updates by April, I will work on ending this comic, not just this battle, so not to have it end mid-story. I would prefer not to though.
I think we may be...
Tron, are you still alright with doing the next update?
About when will the next update be up?
Sorry for taking so long, now all thats left is to finish this fight.

Also sorry the ending is a bit rushed, I kind of ran out of time towards the end.

Also long time no see, RG. :)
Wait, so do you mean you want to animate the next page, or have an animation of this or the next page alongside the page itself?
Sorry it is taking so long, should be up tonight or tommorow, no excuse really, just bad timing.
I would like to.
On the subject on what I said in the last update, I actually won't have enough time this week to do a part 2 to this update, so it is up to Tron whether this is enough or not.
I'm probably going to finish and upload the first part of this update today, it is kind of long and taking me a while to do with all the re-doing of pannels when I realise I cannot find the desired sprites, or pull off the desired effect. The second part won't be as long, so that will be up around thursday or friday, depending on whether my parents stop kicking me off the computer.
Ok, I will begin on the weekend.