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Free-spirit, tree hugging, tea drinking, peace-loving Earth-warrior, hippie.
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The way you have drawn the flame in the first panel is absolutely marvelous.
Could there maybe a scene where Kimrick is snipping at Kylee to keep away from the electric fence and he grabs it himself and pretends to be electrocuted, but he is fine because he has thick rubber sole work boots. And he laughs his himself silly at Kylee freaking out at his prank.
look at that dork extending his pinky.
These are the prime reasons not to go to a coed high school. All the hormones make people crazy. Especially the guys.
Kid, Get home schooled.
Yes please. Julian, influence him more. He needs it.

Thank you for posting. It looks amazing.
@Bloomer: Yes. But holy cow. He needs to read more fiction if he ever wants to get a better one.

I knew he was going to make snow angels!
December 6th, 2015
@DreamGazerT: if you want cute fish lookup images of the spiny lumpsucker.
Also, mola mola are adorable!
That is adorable.

Marine mammals are usually very cute to us humans because of their round bodies and large eyes. Especially the mustelids and the pinnipeds.
Wow, Matt's imagination is terrible.
By the by, what time period is this comic based in? 'Cause that phone......
It reminds me of the 90's
I love reading this comic.

Yeash, my grandpa still loves playing in the snow, and he is in his mid-90's

Go for it Matt! Sneak out! Call making a snow angel a "religious experience" that brings you closer to god.
Pitch "playing in the snow" as something a "good christian" would do because of solidarity and learning hard earned values. That would work.
The "naked" excuse is the best one ever.
I am horribly guilty of using it to my own benefit far too often.
Why does Sandalphon keep calling Simon Peter?
YES!The power of music!!
Like the old Irish fairy tales.
This is great
I am excited to see how the drama will unravel.
September 25th, 2015
Elliot, you better open that door and not chicken out.

It is an absolute joy to see this story unfold.
Thank you for sharing.
I want to pinch Matt's cheeks,so adorably chubby!

I like how different Matt is from his sister.

I guess Matt could some way some how make baking brownies a trial. Poor Julian
September 12th, 2015
Beam me up, Scotty!