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Terr Bear
You can call me Terr for short, or Anthony. I'm just a dude who draws and reads webcomics, planning to start my own someday.

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"He's like a brother to me. But we used to fuck a lot." I'm not sure that's a sentence that should be said so nonchalantly lmaooo
Terr Bear
February 19th, 2018
@featherpencil: I love! ;o;
Terr Bear
February 15th, 2018
@featherpencil: heck yeah my dude!
Terr Bear
February 14th, 2018
OLDER ACES??? Such a good gift to receive on Valentine's Day~ 👀
Dang my boy ate the booty then went straight for the MOUF
Terr Bear
September 3rd, 2017
what a graceful escape
Terr Bear
July 29th, 2017
HELLO Hope you're doing well!
Love the expressions in this page, looking forward to more hopefully! ;o;
AHHH WELCOME BACK! I've really missed your comic, I hope you're doing well! ;A;
Terr Bear
March 31st, 2017
This is probably my fave page yet
*Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue theme plays*
We finally made it y'all
Terr Bear
January 22nd, 2017
Terr Bear
December 24th, 2016
This makes me even more giddy to read, because that's actually how my boyfriend is when he sees me~
Terr Bear
December 1st, 2016
Welcome back! <3
Also oml this page reminded me of that "You better stop" vine
I love the deep and meaningful message this comic teaches. I thought it was a very simple, cute and nice comic for your first time, and I can't wait to see the epilogue!
Congrats to the winners on their lovely entries~
I'm definitely gonna try and enter, and give it my all! Just a couple of questions:

1. Can the piece contain NSFW content whether it's hot stuff or just simple nudity?
2. Is it ok to post our entries to our art sites like DA, tumblr, etc. too or is it preferred to wait until after the contest?