I live a rom-com and like to create stories with gore and gay angst. Love ya too.
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The eighties called, they want their hair back
He didsay ANYTHING
I love/hate him. He's great
He's so precious
Yay family reunion!!
Tanashiiii <3
Soooo many questions
I feel like this conversation is Two steps forward, then two steps back
I don't think hiddykins appreciates the arm over his shoulder as much as he should
Oh look it's one of the BEST characters in this universe!!! (...and his wife)
This is an odd take on the older brother who doesn't like you and practically lives in his mom's basement trope
There's something about the cop uniform that makes him look like a man in charge
Oh, oh dear.
Oh those are the worst!! Good luck and take care of yourself!!
THIS IS SOMEHOW WORSE THAN EVERY ONE OF MY FAMILY REUNIONS, EVER and trust me, I didn't think getting so drunk you'd hit on your own daughter them fall into a pond and nearly drown could be topped but somehow here we are.
(I don't talk to my family)
Uh oh
Wait, you mean he DIDN'T come here to strangle him with a scarf??