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I draw hentai and need someone to buy the royalties to my life
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Run wheezy demon run!
February 19th, 2018
Easily the best breakup line ever
February 18th, 2018
I adore her
He's such an adorable snuggle vampire
February 12th, 2018
Opening up dialogue is the hardest part. I'm so proud of him
February 9th, 2018
I hope your migraine passes

Vincent is a national treasure
He's as adorable as I imagined, though
Also does this count as tree hugging?
February 1st, 2018
January 29th, 2018
I worked at a hardware store where a guy was told we couldn't refill his propane tank because there was a crack in it and it was dangerous, and before the guy could evolution we could exchange it and get rid of it safely the guy picked it up and tried to march through the front doors to return it! Suffice to say the propane guy had already alerted everyone on the headsets, and two managers rushed out to physically block him. I was visiting the front friends desk to (slack off and talk to my friend) drop off extra supplies she needed and had a front row seat to the guy taking a swing at my manager WITH THE PROPANE TANK, then trying to rush past. Unfortunately the other manager was a very large guy who grabbed the tank from him and pushed him down. Cops were called.
Most people don't think about the fact that those things are tiny flammable bombs and not fit for indoors!!
January 29th, 2018
I adore her already
January 21st, 2018
I have a feeling I know who the captain is
January 14th, 2018
When you accidentally cock block yourself
@Kwildshine: language excused!!ha ha I swear like a French grandma so it's alright XD

Thank you for the kind words!! Been one heck of a ride I'm ready for this to be over and done wish
@lunabob: Ha ha me too! Thank you for your concern, it really was one hell of a ride. I seem to finally be coming out of it all!!
TL;DR-- Life slammed me sideways I'm back on my feet and if you scroll down to the (***) at the bottom you'll get an idea of where the comic is going

Hello, everyone. Long time no speak! I think since spring of 2016, right?

Life hit a brick wall, so to speak. To summarize, I both needed and had no choice in my absence. Let's review, starting with May, 2016.

I had been helping my fiancee and myself move across the country for his job, and had taken on a full time job on top of my part time when I discovered some... slights against me personally and our relationship he had been doing for a long, long time. I was left living in his mother's house for the summer while he was across the country, working 60-70 hour weeks and 16+ hour days, all while reeling from this and finding myself newly single.

Since then, I have moved into a relationship that was both a long time coming and worth every second, have moved across the country myself, and have gone through about four other jobs and various other life horrors. I do sincerely apologize for how this affected the comic and my faithful viewers. You guys deserved better than to be left in the dark. In all honesty, for a while there I completely forgot about the comic. I stopped drawing until last november, hadn't touched patreon or tumblr, and only used SJ to view my favorites. I kind of took a huge absence from social media, as well.

Then, in December, I logged into my Tumblr for the first time in months.

I've received numerous asks about the comic, and about me, about what happened and how much it was loved. I got these messages on multiple blogs. I had been planning on just letting this fade into obscurity in shame, but if you were all taking time to reach out, maybe this comic meant more to others than it did to me.

By the end of it, I had been planning on scrapping the entire thing anyway, or redoing it, because as you can clearly see from the first post here on SJ I kind of... had to change my entire plot on the fly to keep it from being taken down. The comic had been met with roadblock after roadblock and finally when my own lofe just crumbled I gave up.

I love these characters. I love the original story idea I had, something light hearted and short, and since then I've gotten to know my readers and my characters better. So to everyone who took the time to comment here or on other sites, thank you, you've saved this comic in a sense. You renewed my passion.

(***) Now for what comes next.

I have, since December, been working on the plot of a one-shot that is slighty different from the story you've come to know, but does the characters more justice. I feel it gets to showcase their own personalities and odd relationship more, and introduces a new character I've been playing around for a while. I hope ot leave it open for expansion, but as of right now this is all I have planned for Witch is Faire. It will be posted on my new profile and I will link it here, so just keep this in your favorites for the next update. I hope to have it rolling before the end of spring, with a decent enough cache of pages to last us a while. It will be done in the style shown above (It's actually concept art!)

In the meantime, I suggest searching for "I am not Corey Ramses!" here on smackjeeves, or on tapas to see what I'm up to.

Much love to all of you, have a great new year!

It's probably nothing anyway ;)