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Hello, friends. I like drawing and reading comics and playing games. I also greatly enjoy sleeping and drawing. I make comics to improve my drawing and writing skills and uh to make friends.

SO LET'S BE FRIENDS that guy ordering pizza through a glowing orb.
War time. Spent quite some time on this page. Phew, glad to see this one off my back. Now for the next.

also this page is the beginning of fonts. No more handwriting! At least, until it's needed.
First time inking clothes, pretty freaking wonky.
Early Update!
Here's an early update since I might take a long time with the other one. I'm going to do some experimentation and stuff!
Kest isn't looking too hot. That medic better come soon before he goes Emily Rose on Lave!
April 27th, 2014
I really, really like the soft coloring in here. Gives it a dreamy feel.
oh no kest went and spilled the beans.
He finally got his butt off the bed. Wonder what he saw?
April 19th, 2014
These two are seriously adorable
@Clovas: ayep. thanks for reading!
He's going to flip when he strips.
April 16th, 2014
Roki for best coffee master
Here's page 2! Adam has nightmares now, great.
April 14th, 2014
it's ALIVE im so happy
@CosmicKitties: aaaaaaaaah thank you for reading!!!
Beginning page for Chapter 1. Thanks for reading!
Here's Book 1 Cover!
@JoKeRcologne: A-Ah, I didnt mean this cover, I meant for the "book" cover, aheh. Hmm, I guess I should change the template. Thanks for commenting!
that look on lave's face during the close up of that arm is worrying me
@Clyde Reuel: Thank you!! I'll make sure this comic won't disappoint