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See, I'd join, but Mah guy is needing clothes, which im working on
(Purple guy, Pulse)
Miracles. I has them
Yep. Updating (though not quite alot)
IM always in the back :(
See ya
And HOORAY for me being in there
Im kinda stuck at what I should do for a comic so yeah, I posted this
The light blue one
He ALMOST had it!
Great comic btw
didnt understan a WORD you just said
1 sec, I might update.
Making/thinking of idea for a comic
His comics are weird right?
Hooray for neptune!

All i did was recolor LM's background obviously
Im at andrews, I cant update
and im not a jerk, just saying: it's off plottish
I know they have their reasons, just trying to keep this alive
November 10th, 2007
November 10th, 2007
Your welcome...
Sprites(Slightly updated....CUSTOM GUN+Lifting motion!)
as would I
Working on card
I had ALOT of comics going on for a while