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I'm trans but other than that I'm a regular girl from down the street. Unemployed graduate recovery from surgery for a few months. Into individual sports: swimming, athletics, sailing. Other talents include making jam, playing acoustic guitar badly and being a feminist
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@Siva: "Might be thinking?" I think about it everyday and how to avoid it. How can I make it less likely? Avoid all men or just the rapists? Tricky to tell who they are.

Educating men would be a start - those sons, fathers and husbands. Educating and prosecuting the media for trivialising it would be good too.

If the word (was) being avoided here, it's because the word causes emotional triggering in some people - it causes them panic attacks. GK has first hand knowledge of triggering and is not the sort to suggest that those people should man-up or 'get past it', because that is victim blaming. We are well aware of what the word is and very much aware of what it means - to us - every day.
@mittfh: I wanted to quote some facts about false allegations but it's probably better to link to this article. Please read it because it deals with rape myths in particular alse-rape-allegations
It's just a word, but everything about it makes me react strongly too. What I hate though, is when people are too embarrassed to use the word - they'll use 'assaulted' or something that avoids the truth. I know that isn't your reason here, but 'it' happens more commonly than is realised because people don't talk about it. I want to say more, but I'm getting angry already - not with you, just asdhjkl
Maybe something will come out in the trial...
GK?! You mean Vic IS too good to be true? Have I been suckered? Hang on #646 Why was Lexi so adamant? Oh no...
So is even mentioning it here a good idea? Does it seed ideas? idk... I really appreciate the need for cutters to not be isolated, but maybe it's like a Pandora's box? Well... it is out already and no amount of wishing can put it back. You're probably right to talk about it openly: it is a thing and individuals have to deal with it. If it wasn't cutting, it could be something far worse. I'm outside my knowledge zone. Sorry.

I'd just like to state that I'd hug the fuck out of anyone I knew who was actively cutting. I'll hug the fuck out of anyone really.

Anyway: Vic. Like so many allies/lovers he is shut out of her problems. But the problems are out already Annie and so trying to shield Vic from them? Maybe Vic thinks he can help - there's no doubt he wants to, but ultimately, it's Annie who has to walk the walk.
"I can't take advantage of you in this state" I want a pin-up of Vic on my wall. What a dude. gah

Thanks for the heads-up GK. I'll be reading it if my head's in the right place
@GreenKrog: Not if I hide behind the sofa. It's worked before
GK update, day two after warning.
So far all I'm reading is very touching and profound and I'm glad I found you all those months ago..
September 30th, 2014
@GreenKrog: Nope, none of that. Sorry GK, my humour is often off-whack.

It's the nature of cartoons that characters never age, and focussing on those teen years is what this is all about
September 30th, 2014
@GreenKrog: Just as I thought - you're using some artistic hormone to stunt her development.... oh hang on though :D
September 29th, 2014
@mittfh: Well your a bundle of fun Mit ;) You ain't coming to my Halloween party: you'll scare the grown ups.
..even if you're prob correct.
September 29th, 2014
Oh-oh *reaches for comfort blanket*
September 28th, 2014
Sure, Vic was an ass to begin with and some of that might be because Tony/Annie were switching, but maybe Vic was getting a hard time at home, maybe he thought, to be a 'man' he had to act like his Dad?

But yes, he did act very much the gentleman when they slept together and he hasn't shown any dis-respect for her and I think he wants love too and just maybe he empathises with her in some way you haven't revealed yet... read on!!
You know I only ask dumb questions to help out... "Sophie gone a week" - have her parents sent her off somewhere? I know I should pay more attention :(

Also Vic :mad: how cheap of him!! I hate people doing hickeys - they're nothing but trouble and it's that 'ownership' they imply. grrr
I think we all seek approval of those around us but if that doesn't happen, we can either sink or just say F*** it. Growing up, being teen - it happens for cis folk too, but usually in ways that are tolerated by society and there's the difference.
People at Annie's age are like seedlings, trying desperately to put down roots: if you keep getting pulled up, then you can't grow as a person. Annie wants to please everyone right now: Vic, Sophie, Jamie so apart from the risk of upsetting each of them, she needs to have the confidence in herself and realise they will love her all the more for it.
In theory. Easy to talk huh?
Butterflies... I used to swim competitively at school and the smell of pools still give me butterflies, so I bet Vic's skin smells of chlorine and it explains why they both have bad hair :) Best cure for butterflies is having someone lie on top of you and kiss you IMO.
I don't care what happens in the future with Annie - this moment, these frames, today - makes me happy. Annie's needs to grab these moments too
Happiness engaged now :)))

Eyes open/closed - the chance would be a fine thing - that's why I'm extra happy for Annie
Please indulge my stupid, but is this still a dream sequence? I'm not sure which emotion to engage
September 22nd, 2014
@Dew: We could end up with metaphoritis! Can't we just say transitioning is shit but sometimes it gets better?