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the blue juice is gettin reaaaally RUNNY HUH
@Hamplan well, since will pretty much has that "ghost in the shell" thing going on im pretty sure he's over that crush, besides, he and alice are like BFFs so if anything he supports this 100% since it means our kinny boy is uh... "opening up" more so to speak
rip hero you were cool i guess ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
uh oh spaghetti os
[anime antagonist "tch" noise]
@TheVelveteenRabbit: sleeping bag not body bag holy shit
denser than a neutron star really.

but hey, the better the body bag the more heat it retains, in my experience.
oh man
who ordered the drama bomb with a side of YIKES?
well...i mean...
i was half right :|
my money's on the lesbians
i sense cuteness approaching, bracing for impact
i got a feeling this is about to be why she hates swimming
Hot diggity damn my dude
Its kind of a trip to see this comic again :U


I expect we'll hit 1000 by Tuesday? >:3c
Awh hero ;-; poor bby
Yeah, figured that was too easy

Out of the frying pan into the fire, nice knowin ya lucky!
@beat they're highschoolers, chill is nonexistent
God damn look at these cute fuckin nerds sharing a goddamn milkshake im dead rip
Hm I agree with temporal. He's got his information, the dude would be a liability if he just let him go
Ya done fucked up son