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I know, who wants to hand make every individual sprite? Aint nobody got time for that. And I'm gonna remove the fox stuff.
Wow what idiot gives a guy a set of human AND fox ears. Whoever made this sprite is an unrealistic loser.
The tail is not ripped, like at all. Nothing is shaded yet because I just created it and wanted advice before going forward. The pants are not shaded they are multi-colored and will have a more flame like design once I start adding detail. Now the ear thing made me facepalm.... I started to mark the feet nut it didn't look right considering everything else is unshaded. Saying it was disproportional was helpful, as well as swaying it looks good overall. I will try to make a new tail that looks for wavy/flexible and less like it is a ripped tails sprite (Even though it isn't)
I'm new and developing a character. So does this guy look good? Should I do anything with his model? Is the fox thing he has going on ok? I was thinking about giving him fire powers. Also I was going to make him a big pervert as a character trait.