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As you can see, I'm in collabs at the moment...I'm using them as a training ground for my artistic abilities.

~ Film (especially off beat stuff no one has ever heard of)
~ Music (Ditto...even though there's no genre of music I really dislike).
~ Yaoi (which is weird since...)
~ Girls (...guys really aren't my thing)
~ Yuri (*eye roll* see above)
~ Chemistry (oh hell yes!)
~ Genetics ( pea plants)
~ Psychology
~ Photography (I'd put it as my major...)
~ Japanese (...if I didn't want to major in Japanese so badly).
~ Writing (as you must breathe, I must write...there's always grad school, right?)
~ Debate
~ My debate partner (He bought me coffee once. I have since sworn my undying devotion. What? It was fucking good coffee.)
~ My parents
~ Star Trek
~ Weird Al (White and Nerdy is my theme song)
~ Angst
~ Art (especially abstract)
~ Zombies

~ People
~ Especially ones that try to 'understand you'.
~ Or embarrass you.
~ Or convert you.
~ Or write a bunch of yaoi and then hate on yuri.
~ Everything else
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Meh. College.
It's not even like we have a plot or anything.

*ギーク だ*
Whoa. First comment? Aha.

So cute.
That's right, Oliver is a real thug. True dat.

For some reason I find the term 'lol sweatervest' really, really funny. Funnier than it should be.

I heart you.
My sister made me get up at seven thirty this morning. It made me sad. I looked EXACTLY like Jordan.
The solution?
Oolong tea. That stuff is like a couple of red bulls and a round of electroshock therapy.

Happy secularist Christmas.

Mandatory ability to form full sentences and use correct grammar.
Dakota. Because I Can.
(His arm isn't broken, I swear. It's a standard contortion warm up).

Name: Dakota
Age: 19
Personality: A somewhat Machiavellian mind. Appreciates game theory. Doesn't angst a lot. Manipulative to some extent.
Likes: Russian literature. Haiku and Tanka. Fish. Asian arts. Languages. Parkour. Contortion. Glass blowing. Asian horror flicks. The study of psychedelic drugs on the human mind.
Dislikes: Insensitive people. People beating him at his own game. Milk. Hamsters.
Sexual Orientation: Based on worthiness, not gender.
Other: Speaks Japanese. Understands Korean to some extent. Has a collection of posters for art-house movies.
I am so happy you have some semblance of artistic talent. I was so worried.
And...mostly grammatically correct sentences.

I'm so home.
Hugging is cute. And so is Cody-the-trans-universe-interrupter. Quick, there must be more Harrison before everyone decides Derek is just cooler.

I like this page. A lot. Derek in third panel? Very, very pretteh. I likes.

(I think it's the third. I was once playing a game where you had to clap three times and I clapped four).
(Psst, Derek, don't give up and maybe the powers that be will accidentally make Harrison disappear.)

Pay no attention to the words in the parenthesis.

(Or maybe not.)
It's okay, we still love you.

Hope your vacation is/was/will be really really amazing. Lots of relaxing and other fun stuffs.
Harrison's face in the second panel is *awesome*.
Jordan has enough fruit as it is.

Woohoo, update man!

Eugene pride, man.
I give my utmost support in the selling. However, I am a staunch anti-capitalist and will rip it off of utorrent later due to fund constraints.

But I'm sure yooooou want a copy~
Stacy face?

Maybe there's more here than meets the eye. We should go discuss on the forum.

*prods people*
Greggo is so...eager to please.

The discussion is's so saaaaad.
Poor Rod.

Condolences. Good luck with that eye.
Hole = facism indeed!
Math equation of d00m
Skiiiiiiils. As such, I extend to you a math equation.

Fast update = love. Love = love. Love = love = witty tee-shirt slogan. Witty tee-shirt slogan = bumper sticker. Bumper sticker = on bumper. Bumper = on car. On car = on road. Road = transportation. Transportation = USS Enterprise.

Therefore, page = starship.