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@DaughterOfOwls: YES. SO much yes. Honestly this is hotter than much of the NSFW sometimes people are expecting. So KEEP this style up.

We don't need to see everything.

You don't have to draw it all, and this way we get a lot more about the main characters via what you are showing us.

We don't need to see their dicks, we just need to see them enjoying themeslves.

They look almost exactly the SAME... I mean I am having trouble telling them apart. Is one actually wider than the other?
This is gold. I keep expecting some Fantasty element to sneak in (this version of Italy is WAAY too understand.. to be.. historically based right?

If not then damn this is amazing and I need more.
He's s open about his desires the last couple of pages have been purely amazing. Tasteful and beautiful and eyecandy!
The Shallass... Or what ever the adorable stick people are called are BACK!
Oh gosh I can't keep track of generation 2 now!
Can't keep track of all of them. I've been reading this for years... I love them all but... time for a new flow chart.
*polite applause to the warning* but I love the comic so MORE READING!
OMG adorable consent....
Like I feel like I need to gie them my money. and not spend it on Fastfood.
Oh boy... this... could go one of two ways.
Man reading this page made me go: "This is not what I signed up for" ( says our Favorite Lemur Queen.

"It kind of is I need a heir... this is one of the only ways to do this... properly." Says our Favorite Dragon King.
@GUEST shows just how long I've not read those pages in.
WEll obviously, also cute lemur boy as a adorably lady-lemure dragon... thing... uhh, but that makes that change 'longer term' to carry a kid to term...

(Oh geeeze.. I should not be wanting m-preg.. but I am sure there is a potion for it.)
MORE AWesome. Pawesome?
This world, these characters. Ronja as Viscountess of Meteor (I hope we learn about the Matriarch and her tribe... I want to explore this world!
Talk about BALLS.. *picks up a bow ,fires it at his King (and husband) and.. Elite trainer: "Gonna fight or talk"?

That's awesome.
@Kara :I third the Petition to Make Ms. Bellamy and Gersham some Pre-War comic AWESOME.

I hope its like a confession Letter, a RING and a DATE all in one!