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Oh gosh I can't keep track of generation 2 now!
Can't keep track of all of them. I've been reading this for years... I love them all but... time for a new flow chart.
*polite applause to the warning* but I love the comic so MORE READING!
OMG adorable consent....
Like I feel like I need to gie them my money. and not spend it on Fastfood.
Oh boy... this... could go one of two ways.
Man reading this page made me go: "This is not what I signed up for" ( says our Favorite Lemur Queen.

"It kind of is I need a heir... this is one of the only ways to do this... properly." Says our Favorite Dragon King.
@GUEST shows just how long I've not read those pages in.
WEll obviously, also cute lemur boy as a adorably lady-lemure dragon... thing... uhh, but that makes that change 'longer term' to carry a kid to term...

(Oh geeeze.. I should not be wanting m-preg.. but I am sure there is a potion for it.)
MORE AWesome. Pawesome?
This world, these characters. Ronja as Viscountess of Meteor (I hope we learn about the Matriarch and her tribe... I want to explore this world!
Talk about BALLS.. *picks up a bow ,fires it at his King (and husband) and.. Elite trainer: "Gonna fight or talk"?

That's awesome.
@Kara :I third the Petition to Make Ms. Bellamy and Gersham some Pre-War comic AWESOME.

I hope its like a confession Letter, a RING and a DATE all in one!
*does the Squee MELT~!* I marathon this comic and its previous one Asmundr in a DAY.... I AM LOVING THIS AND IMG..

Siren X Gun/
Kali & Arrow (?)
OMG YES.. YES. After several years of NOT reading I picked up exactly where I left off and WOOT!

The Queen becomes a- more badass- badass!
Aww, Circe, is not happy. Aww. I feel like there is some serious stuff going on behind the scenes, but Kane + Gemma/Castilia are ADORABLE, also the Baby... Baby K? Baby C, Baby G? What initial do we give him/her/ them?