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how to get out of answering questions 101

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The question you've all been waiting for.
Thank you guys for all the sweet comments! I've been doing a bit better, but still really out of it. Hope you're all well!

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AHH I forgot to upload this here, sorry you guys! This is a bonus update (I'm more reliable in my updating schedule on Tapas lol)

Sorry for not replying to your comments lately, my life is sort of in turmoil. Hope you guys are doing well!

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/awkwardness intensifies/
I'm sorry that these pages are so static and updates are far apart, I'm working on getting a bigger buffer so I can update more often. Thanks for reading! You guys are always so kind <3

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September 27th, 2017
Hashtag intense stare

I'm also posting DaiMaou on Tapastic and Webtoons!
I sometimes forget to post updates here on smackjeeves so those other platforms are more reliable (plus they give creators a cut there).

Thanks for reading!
Pre-orders for volume 2 are open for a few more days!
You can also order vol 1 + 2 (incl. pre-order bonus) at a discounted price:

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@Nekomata99: Haha, sorry! Imagine drawing it, this whole comic has been one big cringe fest lmao
@tentacletomato: exactly, and the sudden self-awareness makes everything 10x worse. Also I love your username lol
@Silk2906: haha, which ones?
@zinnzinnluv: I wouldn't put it beyond them to google videos on how to have sex, while they're about to have sex lol
@Giannaaaaa: #cringestyle lol, I'm so glad you do!
@Guest: They did some things, but they never actually went all the way, and all that was before admitting they like each other lol
@Yoowl: *insert awkward weather smalltalk*
@SoulRaider116: now I regret not taking this opportunity to put mirrors on the ceiling lol
@SomiJuli: personally they're too much for my cringe muscle LMAO
@ToastyBuns: And if that doesn't work they can always take a nap and try again later lol
@ZHODY the delfinator: so much that even I felt awkward drawing it lol
Updates are going back to once a week bc I'm busy at uni. Also my tablet pen broke and I had to get a new one and they're way expensive nnghhh

Pre-orders are still open:

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@twilightzone: Thank you! Knowing you like my work makes my day too, so it's a win/win situation haha
@XxKanashiYumexX: awkward kids
@akihiko66: ...*14 more chapters later* lmao
@SomiJuli: thank you! I rush-ordered a new pen immediately lmao, but luckily I have a buffer on OHK pages so it wouldn't have affected you guys either way!
@Giannaaaaa: wait for it--
@Yoowl: same, I hope you're having fun! Tbh I mostly just dick around too lol
@zinnzinnluv: tbh they need to do the talk first tho
@Lisauryde: ?? lmao
Pre-orders for volume 2 are still open!

Hope you guys are all well <3

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@Eina M.M.: Hiro's narcissist lair lol
@SomiJuli: it's gonna be so weird, I love mirrors and looking at myself, but even I would be weirded out at that lmao
@Quadrant: like he didn't just flash his arsenal of portable bdsm gear a moment ago
Takashi: always prepared lmao

I started posting on Webtoons too!

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@R.O.-bot: very true! You should give motivational speeches to teenagers lol
@Quadrant: yeah! tbh I think they've been admitting it for a while now, just not out loud haha
@moscovm: I'd have been a little weirded out as well lol
@raephium: better prepared than caught unawares - Takashi clearly knows what's up haha
@XxKanashiYumexX: better safe than sorry, as they say
I caught a colddd

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@Oops (Guest): haha, I feel so bad that I've created such a cockblock pattern
@Quadrant: no, just a regular travel pack LOL
@Plotty (Guest): Tbh it's RIP Hiro either way haha
@JKHoganBooks: "actually, you're in luck!"
@Silk2906: aahh happy birthday! If I'd known it was your birthday I'd have done a shout out. And thank you!
@SomiJuli: haha he really did dig a deep grave! I'm always so happy when you comment, thank you for still reading <3
@ToastyBuns: someone's gotta be lol
@Yoowl: OHH you changed your icon! I got so used to the other one over the years. And yeah lol tbh it'd have been easier to just admit it was his mom
@Ishio: Never leave the house without lol
@mosvocm: haha, don't die, live to see another day of potential cockblock lmao. Tbh I wonder too lol
@3am: haha <3
@GreenCat42: Thank you! And yeah, apparently he does haha
@Giannaaaaa: better safe than sorry
Pre-orders are still open:

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@Ghostwell87: she usually does
@Arcane Allusion: haha yesss 14 chapters in and he's just starting to get it lol. And casual intimacy is my fav thing
@Naruhina2124: it's visible from miles away lol
@JKHoganBooks: I'm a total slut for you liking stuff I draw so I guess it's mutual LOL
@gianaaaaa: Hiro can't think fast enough to answer that lol
@akihiko66: eehh she's not a fujoshi, just a normal mom helping her son stay protected lol.
pls imagine a dying whale noise for that bottom panel lol

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@nevergrowup: haha I'm glad you think so! We need more good BL moms
@Shyguyhoneylover: troll mom is best mom
@Silk2906: haha I'm flattered you think so! Also you seem like a great mom, embarrassing them is part of the job lol
@aryaya: Hiro's mom is a no-nonsense woman haha
@puali: haha yeah, I get a feeling most moms have a sixth sense for that stuff
@Arcane Allusion: makes me feel proud to have created her that way *wipes tear*
@ToastyBuns: she needs a trophy for her efforts lol
@Gnildryw: I'm so glad you think so!
@Hoagie: 90% of the commenters on Tapas wrote that exact same thing haha
@Muffin_Pan: us all as a mother
@XxKanashiYumexX: I'm glad to have given you a glimpse into the future LOL
@SomiJuli: haha YOU'RE SO SWEET I'm so glad I can still surprise you. Thank you for the kind words!
@Yoowl: mama Hiro speaks the millenial language lol
@Giannaaaaa: you're welome, child
@Wolfina: she really do lol
@Universe kitten: there will be a lot of awkwardness as usual, that's for sure lol
@moscovm: condoms are generally just for safety though - to prevent the spread of STDs and such.
@VioletTigerLily: haha, I'm so glad you think so!
August 29th, 2017
Azaroth got the sassy towering down pat
August 29th, 2017
OHHHH plot twist lol. I love how you arranged the dialogue and paneling on these last few pages, it creates such a great flow for the story telling. Tbh I think my heart skipped a beat there lol

I'm so excited for the next update, thank you for your hard work up until now!
Hiro ur gay is showing.
Vol. 2 pre-orders can now be purchased with paypal as well!

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@Silk2906: Dream away, sister! There might be some in the future, tbh even idk yet haha
@JKHoganBooks: HAha I'm deceased
NB: Takashi isn't actually annoyed, he just has permanent resting bitch face lol

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August 23rd, 2017
Orion to the rescue!

@YukixKaname1: we all need an Orion to shield us from the world lol
@shadowpen: haha I feel you! Strongly considering printing out notes that say "not available for chit chat", "fuck off, freak" and other pleasant and polite things to let people know I'm not interested in talking lmao
@ToastyBuns: yeah, my resting bitch face does that for me too lol
@Riaya: let Orion take the blow while you drink to forget your humiliation - I say fair deal!
@InukaruKookie: haha I'll have to look into making shirts so you can have it then!
@portisHeart: trusty as always!
Pre-orders will be open until September 29!

Also check it out I just got a gel nail kit and did my nails up.

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@Ghostwell87: to Hiro holding hands in front of others might as well be getting married lmao
@M-24: resting bitch face pissed lol
@Jashi: to be fair that been his face throughout most of this comic lmao
@XxKanashiYumexX: but also not surprised lol
@KathyJDB: haha it totally is! Same pose and everything
@SomiJuli: but at least it's progress from getting mad and storming off lol. I'm seriously so glad you're still enjoying the story <3
@ToastyBuns: He has that permanent resting bitch face. And don't worry, it doesn't sound creepy haha, thank you for saying that about my hands! I really love hands too, that's why I always draw them so much in my comics lol
@Yoowl: aww man, thank you!! I was so worried I wouldn't ever learn how to make the nails lmao
@Yoowl: I just saw her video, poor girl lol. I use gel tho so idk if that's easier to control than acrylics
Pre-orders for volume 2 are now open!

You can also buy vol. 1 and 2 together and get a 5$ discount + a free pre-order art print.

Shipping is worldwide, orders will be shipped out in late October/November.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions and I hope you all have a lovely day!

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@R.O.-bot: I know that feel, hombre
@XxKanashiYumexX: AWW hearing you say that makes me so happy, haha
@ToastyBuns: ohh, congrats on the house! And don't I know it, the broke life feels like an eternal struggle lol
@icevalley: I am! Og tusind tak, jeg er glad for at du kan lide den! Altid godt at møde danske læsere.
@Chasyn: haha, well fought! And aww man, I'm really happy you're even interested in the first place!
@kyandibaburu (Guest): Ahh I didn't know paypal billing wasn't connected - I've fixed it now! You should be able to pay with paypal if you're still interested.
@xlilim: aaahh you're always so nice, thank you for wanting a copy! You being excited about it makes me so excited too
@studyfailure (Guest): Aw man, I'm so glad you like it, thank you for reading! I'm looking forward to post more as well!
@Jaded (Guest): haha you're so sweet, thank you for the compliments! I'm always happy to help people procrastinate from more productive tasks lol
@Fili (Guest): ahh that sucks, did you try refreshing the page and giving it another go? According to my storenvy details it should be working normally
@Fili (Guest): That sucks! Sorry for the trouble - I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting my paypal, so I think it might work now if you'd like to try again! Let me know if it doesn't, then I'll contact storenvy and see what the issue is.
@Fili (Guest): Haha YASSS FINALLY thank you for staying patient!
@nighttenjo13: Ahh you're always so nice - I can't wait to send them out either!
@Animerules!: I will! I'm ordering a few extra volumes and the discount for buying vol 1+2 together will still be there, but the art print/signature won't be included. I might sell the art print separately if there's an interest though!
@Animerules!: ahh I haven't figured that out yet, but I'll be selling the art print as a separate item on my storenvy soon, so if you check back there I should hopefully have a price soon! And you can get the sig for free bc you're you <3 lol
Pre-orders for volume 2 will open very soon! I'll be posting more info once the test print arrives, I hope you guys will be interested in getting a copy!

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