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me re gustaaaaa baby <3 xD no puedo esperar cada pagina es mejoooor
extra├▒o tu lindo comic!!! siempre amo como cambias los colores y todo ~~ y la cara de Eli ES GENIAAAL ES RE MALOOO <3
hahahahah cutie! i would be so embarrassed if the hit guy found me with a pile of tampons HAHAHA
when is the next issue coming? the cliffhanger is killing me oOo

i want it to end in an OT3 hahahaha
awwweee he probably misses his baby
im waiting please!
im glad you are okay <3 i love your work, i love the expressions and the colors!
i always loved how her tights mismatch
April 14th, 2014
oh my gawd this is really perfect!
chip you adorable little thing <3
April 11th, 2014
i love that we don't know what the heck is happening!
@Tanashi: is not a bad offer anyway!
dignity versus money, not getting expelled and future education...
i really love the art! and the faces on the background! everything is mysterious and beautiful!
FINALLY!!! though i believe chip is gonna misunderstand the concept... but STILL!!! AAAAH!!! MY BABYYY! AGHAGSHASS
i hope Naoto and the two kuros end up as a threesome or im gonna cry ):
MY BABY!! confess your feeelings! you can do it <3
i started reading this yesterday and i couldn't stop! i didnt do any of my homework hahaha its really good and i didnt expected the plot-twist of kurogawa being two persons! i love comics about online videogames they're my favorites and im glad i found this one! thank you for this amazinf piece!
i love the expressions and the colors and i love you <3