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Ryan aka Tails128
Yeah, I got nothing.
And that's why we're bffs. <3
Y hallo thar...
I've been meaning to make this comic for almost a year now, so it's refreshing to see it coming to fruition. Hope you enjoy it! :)
Go back in time and write this little book called HARRY POTTER. >:D $$$
@ JMan397: Wait, what does he do?
@ Akuma: Yes indeed, starting with the whole "it's in black and white" problem.
At this rate, Knuckles might end up murdering HIMSELF in the process. Surprised he hasn't accidentally hit himself yet. xD
@ uberdude3252:
1) Magic.
2) EXACTLY! :D close to beating 2ES! C'mon, gun for second place! :P

And Satan's always better to be around than some old guy that appears without warning.
yes, congrats indeed
Is that...actual CRAP?!
and the bed looks used and crappy anyway
At least he tried. :)
Wide comic is wide. o.O
Jesus is a Power Ranger...?

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOOOOO. Wait, this was posted almost a year ago.
Nevermind then.
Yes, very bad. :(
I wonder if those people eventually see their photo being used like this. xDD
I liked the first one best.