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I am no longer here for a made a new account.
You can re-find me here. --->
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Sorry Hiku's response seems so anti-climatic. There's a reason.
Wow, can't believe i didn't realize this page was such a cliffhanger... sorry guys!

Sorry i missed the update last weekend. I actually went to visit my sister at college since I'm on spring break. I have no idea why I didn't tell you guys that on the last page because I knew I was gonna miss the update. Guess I just forgot. ^^'

So I got some new fanart drawn for me. You can go check it out in the Gallery. ^^

Last thing to tell you guys: I've made a new account because i hate my username. (I made it up in like 5th grade, after all.) Anyway, the comic isn't going anywhere or anything. Don't worry about anything, just don't be surprised when you see a new username posting pages and author comments. Still me. ^^

Welp, hope you guys enjoy the page and next time I'm gonna miss an update i won't forget to warn you guys. ^^
@Alexis: haha! i was just about to edit my comment and mention that because i just noticed.
i see dmitri! :D
and is that addie??
emett really is short. wow.
legal midget?!
never trust anyone arthur!!
i'm excited.

and... his names joey now. jonathan you silly. you're, like, gonna die.
i thought you were better than that mathew. =[
these last few pages made me laugh so hard.
happy april fools, LoP.
so sad. D:
wewt! congrats dana!! :D

but nooooo. you can't stop it there! the suspense! D:
hahahah! creeper chase! XD
oh darn you eiji. ruin the moment... lol.
oh how wrong you are jacob. lol.
hahahaha! i laughed so hard.
poor jacob. it looks like you have a problem here.
you may never know arthur. lol.
oops, i started out typing "i'm jealous of ruya" then i got distracted and somehow got mixed up and finished it in typing "i'd be happy if i were ruya."
perfect example of why i need to not comment on things when i'm really tired. lol. sorry.
@xx3OH3xx: Hiku doesn't really know the definition of subtle. Or she just doesn't care enough. lol.

@flynfreako: Uh oh, indeed. haha.

@Amante-kun: That is very true! maybe i'll turn Hiku into a gothic, queen of the damned type. lol.

@DanaBoBana: That she doesn't.
And you know, i realized i did make them kinda cute. maybe a little too. but i realized that i couldn't make them look like swamp yetis or something, otherwise there would be a legitimate reason to reject them. all in all, Hiku is just harsh.
I would be soooo jealous if i were Ruya. :D
I enjoyed drawing these suave boys right here. Haha.

I had to be sure to give one of these boys black hair, because I find black hair extremely fun to draw. I was kinda mad I hadn't given one of the major characters black hair. But alas, too late to change it now.

This boy is gonna learn that yelling at Hiku isn't really the best idea. Lol.
geez, poor melany just can't catch a break...