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Sorry again about the late post, folks. Life has a way of getting busy right when you most need it not to. Hope you're still enjoying the comic, and again, apologies for the lateness!
Super sorry about the week-late update, folks. Some unexpected circumstances came up, and we weren't able to get anything done last week. Thanks for your patience, hope you like the new page!
Sorry for the delay, folks. Our Google Drive has really been acting up lately, which makes things somewhat difficult when we're trying to upload the next page on time.
Hope everyone has a spooktacular (yeah, totally went there) Halloween!
Sorry about the delay folks! A technical mishap made it so the page didn't get posted yesterday when we thought it did!
Sorry for the delay!
Some scheduling mishaps mixed with slight technical difficulties led to this page's delay. Sorry about that! Hope you enjoy it, late that it is!
And We're Back!
Hello, folks! Peter the author here! Just want to extend a huge thanks for being patient with our unexpected hiatus. As you can see, Crawdaddy is back! We'll have our twice-a-week updates back up and running before you can say "Jellyfish." Hope you enjoy!
SO sorry for the late update, folks! A rather busy day coupled with plenty of errands to run led to a delay in the posting of the page. Hope you enjoy it, late though it is!
Versatility has never been so floral
Apologies for the late posting, but I hope you enjoy our heroes as they motor off into the distance!
Aaaaand here's the actual first page of Chapter 4! Thanks for your patience, everyone!
Howdy, folks! Just letting you all know that, due to some internet issues, we won't be able to post the actual first page of Chapter 4 today. Hopefully things will be back up and running by tomorrow, but if not, we'll try to get it up as soon as possible. Either way, enjoy!
Late Update
SUPER sorry about the late update, folks! Life has a nasty habit of getting in the way sometimes, as it did yesterday, preventing us from uploading the page till today. As always, hope you enjoy it!
@empyrean01: Awww thank you so much! :D We're really glad you like it!
Ah yes, Hipster Boy returns! And he's already unleashed his furious Vinyl Throw attack!
Sorry for the late update, folks! Busy lives for Alston and I got in the way of us uploading the page yesterday. Thanks for your patience! Enjoy!
We're Back in Action!
Hey everybody! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! As of today we will be starting back up with our weekly Tuesday and Friday updates. Thanks for sticking with us during our short hiatus. Enjoy the comic!
Happy New Years dear followers! We hope you have been enjoying your holidays thus far, and we'd like to announce that Crawdaddy will return to twice-a-week updates beginning next Tuesday. Much love and good luck with all your New Years resolutions!
Merry Christmas/Hannuka/Winter Holidays to all our wonderful readers!!
Hey everyone! This is Alston, the artist. As Peter mentioned on our last page, we're heading into a short intermission so he can focus on finals week and we both can enjoy the holidays. I'll continue posting a few fun pages over the next couple weeks so that you're left with your own presents under the tree, but new comic pages won't be posted until after Christmas.

In the meantime, thank you SO MUCH for keeping up with us and enjoying our little comic! We've been having such a great time developing these characters and this world, and I hope you all are loving it as well. Much love and enjoy the final few weeks of 2k14!