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Okami Amaterasu
Young, some-what tall, red-headed, female from San Antonio, TX. I like wolves, huskies, Darksiders, Neon Genesis, Attack on Titan, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows,Black Butler, Inuyasha, Hellsing, Fable 1-3, Star wars, india jones, Assassian's creed 3, titanfall, infamous 1- second son, and COD ghosts (mostly for the dog named Riley). I love to read, game, RPG, watch anime, and draw stuff. No occupation as of yet(may update).
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    Catherine E. Merkley
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Also going to use only Photoshop for this as well. (hiding in a castle far away where no one can here me scream out my frustrations)
I may have made this page... small, but it was my first time doing something on Flash. (curse you flash!) From this point on i'll only be using GIFs instead of JPGs. (GIFs are your best friends people when making sprite comics.
This Is The Begining!
Heya, this Okami signing in. This is the first comic i've ever made! (yay)You may ask me questions or suggest things that you'd want to happen for the sake of hilarity.No, I repeat, No preverted things shall be done iin this comic. It's bad enough that my friends keep trying to screw with my stuff, so I don't want it here.
@Lockhart665: Then why haven't you made it then? i keep searching and it's not there when i look up Castlevania on the website.
P.S. Don't you dare make Soma-kun sound like an a-hole or i will not forgive you (though i may still be reading it)(shrug and look a bit ashammed, but only a little).
(sigh) Alas, another lose of one of my few favorite webcomics :(
@Raust: I'm begining to think that with every webcomic that i like and begin to read is always the ones' that are hiatus. Well, sorry that you lost your flash, but, just to ask, are talking about a flash drive or the Adobe Flash? 'Cause if it's the Adobe flash, you can just buy another one, but if it's the flashdrive...... i'll just feel like a big jerk. (sigh)
P.S. Nice job with the Soma Cruz dialogue though.It's just what i was thinking that he would say in those situations.
I know this is really off topic, but i really just need to ask this
Okay i know the describtion says that you have Desmond, Altair, and Ezio,but do you have Connor Kenway or Edward Kenway? I'm only asking 'cause i really want to ask Connor something so freaking bad! please respond as soon as possible.
agreement and utter confusion
@Die-Oh: He kinda is isn't he. Anyway i got a few questions to ask you.
1. why is Kaworu-kun considered a prize at the beging of this? was he won by some bet between Nerv and Seele?
2.a couple pages back, you had Kaworu-kun scare Shinji just by being behind him. Was this particular page based on a real life moment?
and 3. If Kaworu meets Shinji at the begining instead of near the end of the series, then does that mean that Tokyo-3 is already abandoned?