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I'm a cat person with a fascination with dragon types and meta knight. I hope to eventually create a sprite comic.
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    Nadia Pflug
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Oh, wow. I've been away from Smackjeeves, and I only just came back to re read the old reviews for nostalgia, and I found out that the comic officially ended. I enjoyed reading through the comics back then, and I still do (which makes me pretty sad about the fact that most of the chapters are gone.) Anyway, I just wanted to say that it was fun while it lasted, and I hope you have good luck in whatever else you decide to do in the future.
Background Eevee
Can I post a background eevee?
Could you update soon? I like this comic, but it hasn't been updated in a year. Just asking :)
I like the blue/pink combo
Wow my school is in that area! Maybe I will se you around :)