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I'm sorry. I can't handle it being spelled wrong.
@kryptoknight: One just needs to look harder. It is surely there.

Behold. Panel 4.
@The_mad_one: AH JEGUS FUCK I never would have noticed that.

Oh well. I was too busy noticing the Slowbro.
@Guest: That first line by the Narrator is just the beginning. There's going to be another page with all that fancy stuff on it. Don't you worry.

@Cunning: The Narrator probably means George. But I don't know if I'd feel comfortable with her being called my companion. x3
@Nearo: Well, maybe she figures that stuffing an Eevee in the microwaves is technically the same thing as changing someone from a Pokémon back to their human form, and she's just accepting her reward, since Abel's too busy to go on the S.S. Anne. Or so she might believe. Since that was the case with Bill.

Maybe she knew Bill. Maybe that's why Abel's there now. She did something unspeakable to Bill.

...I feel awful.
@Blank: It's just compressed. It's a squished Eevee. x3
@Guest: And on that note, Kasumi should be the Vaporeon's name. Because Japanese Misty.
There we go.
George is clearly dangerous and needs to be contained. Preferably in a microwave oven. Hoo-hoo.

That poor Eevee. I'm sorry you had to draw an Eevee in a situation like that, H0ly. But you brought it on yourself, I suppose. x3

I have no idea how George mistook a microwave for a cell separator. Didn't she have one at home before? She must have gone a little psychotic since then, clearly. Or maybe she's always been that way.

I officially hate you that much more now, George. How dare you hurt a cute little Eevee.

@Supahewok: It's super simple. It has a Start, Stop, Timer, and Defrost button. Then it has a little dial to put in the time. That's what I imagine. :3
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: While on the contrary, my manliness appears to be increasing. I must have the Contrary ability. It could also be that only the manliest of men breed Eevees.

Damn, I love Eevees.
@Aximil: Not to mention, evolving it into an Umbreon or Espeon would also take the whole friendship thing.
And the fun never ends.
@ThePokeman92: How do you know what I'm thinking? Are you saying you're a mind-reader? Can you tell me what I'm thinking now? I was thinking pizza, how do you feel about that? Pizza sounds good, I'm gonna order some. Do you want some? Should I send it to this address? What do you like on your pizza? Don't tell me you like anchovies. Speaking of fish, how do you like living near the ocean? Have you ever been on a boat? How did you get to Johto? Did you use one of your Pokémon, or did you take a boat? I've always wanted to be on a boat. Do you get seasick? I like sailors, have you ever talked to one? What are you doing on your computer right now? Can I see your collection?
@Guest: You said that to the wrong person.

@BattleStarX: But yeah. Locks exist. It happens. It's just surprising when it does.
@Lanval: Jumper.
@Blank: Oh shit. What. My mind is always being blown. Or un-blown. Either one really. Thanks, Cinnabar Island. With your mad experiments. And your resurrections.
"Excuse me, collection? Which one?"
"Your Pokémon collection!"
"Oh, good..."

@Unclever title: You know, theoretically, that makes sense. Because in order for the storage system to work the Pokémon would have to be converted to data, right? But it's also possible that any attempts would just result in broken data, because there's only one life form connected to that data. I don't think it can be viewed as a cloning device. Even if the games sometimes have cloning glitches. xD
@Andromeda Lazuli: Maybe she is. Maybe she just has all of these ridiculous skills for no reason. No reason other than to hack into the Pokémon Storage System! Mufufu!

@Unclever title: Ho-ho. I see what you did there. Because the Pokémon's name is Abel. The human's name has to be Eevee. That's funny. I like you, funny person.

@Doctoooor: I agree. That silhouette is damn sexy. If he ends up looking all suave I'm probably gonna die. Or if his nipples are almost showing, but are instead covered by some dazzling light. That'd be too much.

@Alphabet Soup: If they manage to play it off like that, I'd be impressed. That silhouette looks too intelligent to buy that excuse.

@Jphyper: I'm just waiting for it. I want him to just defend his eye while blaming George for being in there. He obviously doesn't want another black eye. I also want him to try to play off his Rocket Uniform-hiding charade.
@Drewbie: What if Abel expected that, and he just happened to put a Fire Stone in the oven.

So when it gets put into the oven it just. Evolves. That'd be glorious.
@Fruanc J.H.: I don't think he has that many PokéBalls. Most of the ones he has on hand are probably those Ultra Balls.
Which don't look like PokéBalls.

H0ly cleverly left whatever's off to the side of the oven out of the picture so far. That could actually be some kind of equipment that George would mistake for a Cell Separator, if it's not that. Though I don't see the likelihood of that machine being something other than some kitchen appliance.
@akan16: You got yourself a new avatar I feel so refreshed.
@akan16: You got yourself a new avatar I feel so refreshed.
@akan16: You got yourself a new avatar I feel so refreshed.

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.
Oh I'm sure the storage system managing PokéManiacs in Kanto always turn themselves into Pokémon for any unexpected guests. To serve as a challenge to gauge if they're worthy to take the PokéDex info on the Eeveelutions.
That's how Bill's great-grandaddy did it, that's how it's gonna be!

That's likely just an Eevee though. Abel must've turned into a Jigglypuff on accident and is in the back trying to fix himself.