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Jakuzure Nonon
I am everything that is wrong in your fandom.
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    Patricia Sirr
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I wonder...
What might happen if each individual Eevee evolved into the evolutionary train that they wished and then one day, they get in a huge fight? There's only so much room in the lighthouse and there are 8 possible evolutionary trains for Eevees to take... That could potentially catastrophic.
Wait, what?
@Doutonbori Robo: Your mind is always an Unown? That's pretty freaky. xo

@Doutonbori Robo: If when Abel asked if they were trying to get him arrested and your mind went straight to pedophilia, then you may need to have a special conversation with your significant other. Just to sort things out. :P

Wow People, the places our minds go when there is a subtle inclination offered in an otherwise innocuous conversation. /tsktsk
Oh My God, DTR!!!
Don't you hate that? I mean, when you think that people used to have privacy.

@Doutonbori Robo: H0ly shit, what is up with you commenting on everyone's shit lately?
@Doutonbori Robo: Yeah and when it evolves it turns into a Meat Splat. :o Very kosher. :D
@Infernal_Translator: Maybe this is a good moment for the Clefairys to make a come back?
@Doutonbori Robo: Maybe he secretly hates kids?

That's how I picture my house looking, at the computer anyway.