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That is sad, but where's Neko?
This... this is too adorable.
September 3rd, 2016
*covers mouth while laughing super hard*
Double dawwwww!
Litten don't give a fuck. Mana looks adorable in her swimsuit, and Neko looks so regal! Madame Neko! That has a nice ring to it! :D
Awwwww! So cuteeee!
Hmmm... who is this Mari?
They dun goofed. What a nice little non-canon arc. :p
Are you going to do all of the Gamer Cafe girls? If so, that will be awesome! I love FGB and I personally give Neko a 9 outta 10. Saying that chocolate is a mega weakness of me. :p
Of course Daz would be the guy that hits on woman *snickers*, NekoissuperadorableasaVivi... *clears throat*, and Mana looks good as Garnet! Excellent picture!~
@ninjaxxxrecon: I'm actually happy about that. It's the 'being released episodically' is the thing that makes me a little pissed off.
Am I a bad person for laughing at this??
Are you fucking serious? Ok. I'm not buying anything from Konami. Even MGS V.
Fanservice! Fanservice everywhereeee! *drools and nosebleeds*
And letting the shipping begin once more!
Had a feeling I was gonna see this sooner or later. :P
I feel Neko's pain. I didn't cry, but the last 6 minutes was like a fucking sucker punch to my guts. I was like: "Damn you G.R.R..." *patiently waits for season 6*
*blasts air horn*