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Call me Chriss.
I also go by Spooky QT and Adoken.

I've moved and have put my projects here:
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    Chriss Lee
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Happy Birthday, Seed of Eden!
Time to do something productive!
@Pyo: Thank you! I'm glad you're liking it so far.

Lack of comments is fine, as long as everyone's enjoying themselves.
@LuxenT: I'm so glad to hear that!
yeah, laurie

stop holdin' out on us
Perhaps a reason Laurie wanted to go into medicine...?
It's been almost twenty years.

Time for Stephanie to learn.
Just take the box, kid
I mean

She kinda has a point.
I mean they're both right, in a way.
Welp the snooping was fun while it lasted.
Time's up.

Steph's gotta explain herself.
She is beauty she is grace.

She fall on her fking face.
Back to being nosy.
I suddenly have no idea if she's okay.
@FrayedRose666: Thank you very much!

And I've never heard of that game. It sounds pretty cool, though.

EDIT: I just googled it, and I have seen bits of it before, the name just didn't click with me. xD
The beginning of the End.
Maybe just /one/ peak won't hurt.
Little snoop.