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Azure Shade
I'm so sorry for your loss. :(
Azure Shade
February 8th, 2017
I had a laptop juuust as bad in college. lol I learned the "save early, save often" rule. poor boy XD
that happy feeling
yes.. that's the sound of my smile. he's pushing up daisies now. lol
@Fukairi: just so you know I'd give your comic 5 stars every update, but the star thing disappears on me lol
also, I'll start reading on tapastic since it can give you income <3
*sparkle sparkle* powers ftw and welcome back :)
finally some action!
i have nightmares about drawing mummy hands. lol
we meet our girl Alex (playing her healer named Sparklies) and we meet a very bad delusional tank who Spark's group picked up for a dungeon run.. things aren't going well. lol
so.. this is the boring part. don't worry, things will get interesting fast.. especially if you've ever played an mmorpg before <3
OMFG I think I died laughing. I'm glad I found this comic! <3
Azure Shade
December 25th, 2016
all in all, we do what we must to move on. :) I hope you'll still be an active artist though, and share your art and stories with us. <3
Azure Shade
December 17th, 2016
melts from the sweetness
awww that's an automatic comfort gesture with no hidden intentions.. you can tell he just wants to make Sooch feel better. If that doesn't make you start falling in love with Howie, you have a harder heart than I do. XD I really do ship these two. <3
bwahahaha mush face and smile at the customer
Azure Shade
December 10th, 2016
so I read this page yesterday, but I had to come back and see that sweet punch again today. XD seriously... I've never felt quite this much satisfaction with someone getting a "stop being a prick" punch. at the same time I'm all like, please let that wake him up a bit and see that Mine is not the enemy, cause i kinda ship them and stuff. lol
I hope this ship sails and doesn't sink. lol <3
ahahaha how he just dropped the food.. it was almost a "girl, hold my earrings" moment. I have to say I love how you blocked in this page. I'm always so afraid to do half faces and bits and parts, but it looks soo cooool and really it's perfectly done. :) can't wait to see the next page XD
congratulations all! all those amazing entries I bet it was hard to pick. :)
Yay! feels special XD

that moment when dad is asking sweetly but might not mean it sweetly.. good job Dad XD
Azure Shade
November 15th, 2016
always happy to see an update. :) glad you're not dead XD and sorry your pc still is
to Kai, Yu, Jake, and Abby: what are your favorite colors?

to Yu: are you looking forward to the Yaoi RP?

to Kai: what to you like the most about Yu?

to Jake: that's some nice hair, even Abby realized how cool it is, what products do you use to make it look so good?

to Lul-la: do you like PS better than SAI, and how hard was it to switch?
@M-24: he was teasing :) saying Jake was calling him "hugo heh" instead of "Hugo Diaz"

btw this page is kinda absolutely adorable and I like the Kind Jake XD