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Just a closet otaku
Im also dumb and I like to draw
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A totally original heroine
I'm just going with the original heroine from the HeartGold/Soulsilver games bc unoriginality ftw!
I'm actually not sure at the moment... I had thought of keeping it just mew, but I really like the idea of a nickname. It would just be difficult because it would have to be unisex and make sense as a nickname. gaah @~@. If none else, I might just keep it at mew ; w ;
Ohh my god. Sorry for the horrible looking page, I just really wanted to update and didn't have a lot of time- hopefully i'll remember to remake this at a later date.
(Also if you cant read what he's saying, it's-" wait, where did I put my rawst berry?"
I may or may not finish another comic page today, so if not- enjoy these little sketches of Sylvester~<3

Thats awesome! I can almost see the new characters coming up for the assassins that mewtwo would hire = v =

You were able to pin down exactly what I thought would be a perfect goal that mewtwo would strive for and his reasons why he does what he does! I added it to my 'story so far' page that I'm keeping to remember everything I have planned for the story.

Thank you so much!

squeeee > w < thank you!<3
Invade the comic all you want, I'm super grateful for your ideas!
I was actually thinking of having mewtwo as the villain, because his ideals and perfect world are incredibly different than the one mew is providing. Does that sound too cliche? All i can do is cliche omg

Regardless, thank you so much again @ w @
Wahh its perfect

ok omg this is perfect (* o *)

Syl being in a 'royal' family is the most perfect scenario for the reason why he is afraid to venture too far!
And mew being targeted by that same 'royal' family is genius omg

That got me thinking- Mabye ho-oh as one of the high royals in their world? Or would that be too much? Because I was thinking that mabye there would be this pokemon that is highly influencial ( but not exactly a king or queen there would just be royals ) and Slyvesters' family is one of that pokemons' subordinates?

And what if they thought mew abandoned her post for keeping the world in balance, and they (Syls' mom or dad or both) are after her to punish her and force her someway to do it again? (but they end up not being able to because mew doesn't know how to keep the world in balance anymore)
and during this all there would be the pokemon that actually caused mew to leave her post- and this would be the villain in the story!

Ahh this is perfect I'm going to try and start making ch 1 pg 1 right away~(* w *)~
I think that's a great idea! Mew could be one that keeps the natural balance of that land from falling into chaos~
Having mew with amnesia is a perfect fit to that as well- mew could not remember what exactly she was doing to keep the world in balance (that is, after she figured out that it was her that was even keeping it in balance). I also just remembered something that might be able to fit well later on --spoiler alert lol-- perhaps the way that mew was able to keep the world in balance was to sacrifice her free will to travel around freely, and she has to give up being able to be with her friends. I think that could make for some deep feels later on ; v ;

ah one thing I was wondering, would it be a better idea to fuse this story with the official PMD game, with all its characters like the wigglytuffs guild and treasure town, or have it take place in a different time, with a different place in the pokemon world? You don't have to answer if you dont want too / w \

I'm almost drawing a blank at how she got KO'd bleh :'c
But as for Syl I think I might go with what you said, that he is just a nice guy and couldn't just leave mew.

and trust me, I go overboard too CX I often love starting comics but always end up having no idea where to go with them.
And seriously thank you this is really helpful I actually have some story to go on now :'D
This will be lengthy as well
@andreya225: Hhhh omg I love your ideas and thank you so much for the help!

Well, as for what you asked first: I think I will have mew with amnesia, to stick with a common trend that is in most PMD comic, as @Gigazyber stated. For the reason why Syl (full name is Sylvester)is keeping mew a secret, I like to imagine it's because of the basic fact that mew is a legendary- but I would like to go deeper than that.

I do really like the idea of royalty, since that was apparently never present in the PMD games, and would add something original to the story. Again- I love the idea, and I definitely would like to incorporate it- I kind of like the theme that mew is very rare, even more than royalty. Which is to say, that mew would be above royalty (hence, legendary). And I'm not sure exactly why yet, but I think Syl rescued and took care of mew, actually I will just throw some ideas out there because that's something I don't know at all yet why Syl is taking care of mew... Perhaps the royal pokemon don't like mews? Or perhaps mew was responsible for keeping some sort of important think in balance, and now that mew is gone its been thrown out of balance...

In regard to Syl- I do plan on giving him illusion powers. But he can't use them very well because of his nature, I think.. (Sort of like how rango barely uses his chameleon color change ability in the movie rango (and he can't use it well lol)- if you've seen it. Wierd example sorry haha :B) and when Syl does transform, he gets very nervous and can't control it well(this could make for some pretty funny moments).

For the last questions, Syl is a boy~ the nearby locals of the shops he goes to to get supplies gave him that girly nickname, haha. Mew, on the other hand, is technically genderless, but leans more on the girl scale if nothing else. But really only because I'm thinking of making mews personality really clingy and a scaredy cat while mew has amnesia. If I left anything out don't hesitate to ask! :3

You're ideas are all wonderful and thank you again for all your help!!<3
( I really love your comic as well, its amazing so far! Eevee and mudkip are so cute<3 )

Sorry for the long reply ; w ;

EDIT: I also forgot to throw in that mew can also transform into other pokemon just like Syl, but you probably knew that *v*. The only difference is that mew will physically transform, and Syl can only create the illusion. (Between you and me, that what the title of my story is- mew and Zorua, or 'Power or Folly,' power meaning mew who has great power and can transform, and folly(which means fake, or trick) meaning zorua who only creates illusion. I might incorporate this into the story somehow as well, but I wasn't thinking about it when I made the title :'D)
@DemonicHero13: Honestly, I'm happy with any ideas presented! So whichever one you like best I suppose... Thank you very much for your help!
The story so far/ all the information I've incorporated into the story so far:

The story is about a young zorua that lives in solitude in a gloomy forest. Hehas a secret longing to go out on adventures, but there is something stopping him (although I don't know what yet.) His name is Sylvester, or as the nearby locals often refer to him using the girly nickname: Syl.
The story starts by introducing Sylvester, and hints at his poor lifestyle. We also learn that Zorua rescued a peculiar pokemon, who he is taking care of. This pokemon is none other than a mew. I'm debating on whether or not to have the mew have amnesia.

Thank you all so so much for the 15+ fans, this comic was pretty fun to make so far, even if it is pretty sloppy. I would love if anyone could help with the story so I can continue. Again- thankyou all<3
Another forewarning:
I absolutely suck at natural dialogue. Just getting that out of the way.
Before it begins, let me once again say that I'm fully aware this comic will suck. I'm making this so I have something to do. ; - ;