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PsychoxBreaker Studios
"HELL or HEAVEN~Itoshi no Psycho Breaker~"

Psycho x Breaker Studios, officialy created on July 1st, 2007, is a "Studio circle" that produces manga projects, both original stories and fanworks.

Currently, PxB is comprised of several artists/writers, including: Ryo, Hani, Chiizu, Kat, and Kiero.

::Official PxB Projects::

Original Works-
"Hide + Seek"

::Future [Pending] Projects::
"Samba de CARRY ON!"

::"Backorder" Projects, On Hold::
"Constant Static" [Kingdom Hearts]
Original works
"MachineGun Talk"
"Happiness Theory"

PxB Mascots are Migi and Hidari from "Samba de CARRY ON!".
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Ryo's Prints and Commissions

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