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Hi! I love to read comics and make some of my own.
Usually go by Boniae on most sites these days.
twitter @ cooljalebis
instagram @ boniae
Haha aw Hideki...he certainly couldn't stay mad at her for long :'DD

I'm back from yesterday's Nyancon!! I have the pictures up on twitter/IG if you want to take a look! (I'm trying to get a little more active in taking pics of my booths and actually posting them online LOL) I appreciate everyone who stopped by, so hopefully there will be a few new readers!! :D I also heard from someone who took a flier and recognized my comic, and apparently had a friend who talks about it a lot on twitter and is a huge fan...??! I was a bit skeptical because like...I feel like my audience is big but actually pretty small compared to most webcomics to warrant people actually posting about it BUT it made me super happy for the rest of the day though hoping it was true so IF YOU'RE OUT THERE THANK YOUUU TT__TT *tears of joy*

As always, thanks for reading!!!!
September 26th, 2019

Apologies for the late update! Life has been hectic since our house is getting redone after being hit by a tree limb lol, and I'm also prepping for a con in early October. If you're in the Cleveland area, I'll have a table at Nyancon on October 5th! Stop by and say hi!!

Also, I finally found the CSS sheet for the smackjeeves template!! YAY!! I though I'd lost it in my old data, but it turns out it was hiding somewhere. So now the smackjeeves template is back! I fixed the comments section, and there's still some things I might fiddle with soon. Also, if you're another webcomic/creator and want to do a banner exchange, PM me (or email) and we can do cross advertising! The banners I'm using on the front sidebar is 117 x 30.
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September 15th, 2019
September 8th, 2019
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm o_o

Also, updates might be sporadic again (SORRY) next week since I need to typeset a ton of more pages, but hopefully I can get it all done this week!
September 1st, 2019
Ahh, Erika trying to protect Lifen...but in reality she was probably going to try something on anyway!!!!! :'D
September 1st, 2019
I PRESENT TO YOU THE PAGE OF CRINGE :I Because these two can be so callous with their choice of words

Shame on me! This page was supposed to come out last week but I forgot to upload on SJ, but instead only updated on tapas. SORRY!!!
What a SMALL WORLD!!!!
I APOLOGIZE yall for my increasingly simple author comments...I never know what to say anymore...X'D Anyway, have a great rest of the week!
Hmm...a familiar face?!
She would, Lifen... TT____TT
Now you've gone and done it, Hideki X'DD

I've never officially said anything about this before, but, I'm really happy because I think i'm slowly climbing out of a very bad Four Corners related funk? I update (semi regularly) because these pages have been finished for a very long time, but behind closed doors I've been juggling other projects, business stuff and my RL job too, and I think that was just a disaster waiting to happen. For what feels like forever, (honestly, probably since the beginning of the year) I've just been mindlessly updating as weekly as I can with Four Corners and it's been painful to see myself slip away from something I used to love so much. I really don't know what caused it, maybe it's a mix of working on so many things, selling the books and having to think of the comic as a monetary number, having people I know in real life become aware of it's existence (especially my family, which has been incredibly frightening for me to try my best to hide it's romantic subject matter), but the good news is that I...think things are getting better?? ANYWAY, what I mean to say by this is, I think I'm finally back to feeling like I can depend on this series again, and I just want to let you all know that I'm incredibly appreciative that you all still read it. It really means the world to me, thank you so much. T_T
@SOABS: OF COURSE! How could I forget webcomics?! Probably the best thing to be distracted by. XD
Losing concentration on your studies from a melodramatic drama is probably the best thing to be distracted by :'D
@SOABS: Heheh ohh that vigilance! XD Only time will tell!!!
Someone's becoming popular! :O
New faces!!! :-)
Side note...another reason I love this chapter is because I can finally utilize my near decade love of 90s kogal/gyaru fashion LMFAOOO
Sorry for the late update! I've been busy trying to prep for a con thats in a few days that I'm attending, and also selling for a day at the Craft fair at Colossalcon, so if you're there you can hit me up! I'll try to schedule next week's page so it still updates. Thanks for reading!
@Frochaos92: Hahaha AWESOME! Woo that was probably a lot of pages to get through, so congrats! And also thank you for reading!!! Hope you will continue to enjoy the comic ^_^
Ahhh...getting ready for school when we don't want to....our favorite past time........

In other news...I got contacted and I almost thought I might have a really big paying gig, but it ended up not being a match. Never getting your hopes up at all times is the best tactic to have to deal with these sort of things. X'D Good news, is I don't have to push Four Corners/my visual novel aside to work on something new, so maybe it was a dodged bullet. Still would be nice to get paid to make art though. :'DDD