Hello!! I love to read comics and make some of my own! :^)
SJ wouldnt let me upload today for some strange reason
Haha, silly non-rich people and their "home cooked meals", HA HA!
Chapter entire chapter consisting of 90% food conversations :'DD
Hideki's just shelling out the $$$
Toto...I don't think we're in Kansas anymore! :0
I'm back from my hiatus!!! Firstly, if any of y'all want to download the comic archive, do it while you can! I bought the donator subscription for advertisement use but it seems like SJ won't be doing subscription ads with this new redesign, which means I don't want the subscription anymore and I'd rather use that cost for advertising elsewhere :'DD (so that'll probably happen within this week.)

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Can't wait for the next update! This comic is really intriguing, keep up the good work! ^^
Haha, a gangster aura: a mighty power to behold! XD
@Alterna: Oh man, I wish, but it's completely made up. If only I was knowledgeable of bad 90's Japanese movies! X'D
Bad movie bonding :DDD

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@sunnysideupdicks: Hahaha, for sure!
@Alterna: LMFAOOO x'DD
Where ARE you taking him, Hideki???

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Rules, rules! :0
@Gavala: YEAH MAN haha he's got you covered ??✌
Last part!
Children are so particular! :'-D
(if you're wondering, of course Hideki got to keep his fish in the end, LOL)
The 2nd part of the Q and As! :-D
@onexargetian: Yay!!! *wipes tears* I'm so glad :-DDD
Friendship in four stages
I finished all the Q and A answers, so I'm uploading different chunks of the answers every day until Saturday. :-) All the questions were super fun to answer, hope you enjoy it this week!

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@Gavala: Ayyy thanks for reading!!! I'm so glad you enjoy the comic, that means a lot!! :-D *wipes your tears*
gettin a little close, there
If you still have any questions for the QandA, I'll be accepting them for today and tomorrow!! (Please do if you have some more! there's only been three questions X'D)

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