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Hello!! I love to read comics and make some of my own! :^)
@Harth: Ahhh so much weight!!! We need to lift that off Kazuhiro's shoulders, haha
I know that I don't update so often anymore, but if any of you are interested in visual novels, I've been working on getting my BL VN actually completed! the demo came out awhile ago but you can check it out out (and my other completed free one) on my page!
Excuse this really rushed minicomic that I drew in like two days on impulse and got really anime halfway through for no reason LOL. If you're curious about the original story, you can read it here:

Have a great Christmas and New Year!!!!!! :-D
December 24th, 2017
The book is finally up for sale! The link is here:

If anyone's interested, I may be able to put up a separate listings of cheaper books, the binding is not ideal and that's why I don't feel comfortable selling them at the full price/or using them in a giveaway. I've flipped through them and they're pretty sturdy but I just can't guarantee the durability of the glue I use now on the books. Anyway just putting that out there! Happy Holidays, and there will be a special update tomorrow on Christmas! ^^
December 18th, 2017
*hands the mic over to Kazuhiro* YOUR TURN KAZU!
Also, if anyone's curious to know, Hideki's mother is of the Amis tribe in Taiwan.

And another note; you might have noticed the slow updates, which I apologize for! Things have been kind of hectic for me and I'm trying to re balance my life, the comic, and other projects I've been juggling. I also want to keep up a big buffer on top of all that, but I'd rather not go on a big long hiatus and would rather just update slower. A win win for us all! Anyway, once again, thank you all for reading and commenting, I always appreciate it, and hope you all have an wonderful and safe holiday season this year! (I can't believe 2017 is over already, what happened to the year?! T__T)
November 20th, 2017
180 degree conversation turns!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah HIDEKI quit being a SMOKER

If there's any chance there are some fellow Ohioans reading, I'm exhibiting Sunday the 12th at a craft fair in Wadsworth Ohio (Wadsworth Carrousel of Crafts) and Genghis Con (indie comic convention on the 26th) in Lakewood, Ohio. ^o^
Meh, normalcy is overrated :P
WELL, that escalated
gang leader??? what gang leader??? *WHISTLES AND LOOKS AWAY*

ALSO!! Friendly reminder to whoever is interested, you can now preorder Four Corners book 1!! It's chapter 1-4, so about 156 pages.
No need to worry about Lifen, Hideki!!!!
Kazuhiro can hear you two, ya know...

To anyone confused, Lifen is trans!!! I know it sounds like an awkward way of her phrasing it, but I felt she'd explain it in the simplest way possible. Plus I'm not fully familiar with the Japanese terms that were used back in the day and their complete context.
@SOABS: HAHA, your reaction is the same as Kazuhiro's then! :D
@Elfish Ears: LOL, it's EXPLANATION time!!
September 24th, 2017