Hello!! I love to read comics and make some of my own! :^)
@Final Fantasy : OHHH congrats!!! I'm so glad you've kept up reading my comic, that means a lot! ^o^
@Shyguyhoneylover: haha IKR, I think he's trying to channel some eye beams there... XD
Kazu and Hideki went to the same middle school??? What a small world... >:-)

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For reference, HuiLiang is written: 煇良. And while I'm on the subject, haha, Hideki's name in kanji is written ( 秀喜 ) and Kazuhiro's is ( 和弘 ).
@kagaribi: Ohh awesome! That's a real bummer your college doesn't have advanced classes, though :'c I've been casually learning on my own, but I definitely feel like a classroom setting helps motivate me more. :'D 我希望我們能把中文學很好!
@NorthernJin: AHHHH that makes a lot of sense now, thanks so much! I'll be editing this to say a quarter! (You've been so helpful haha, first the google translate and now this :-D)

IKR, this stuff can really get confusing! I myself am mixed by different parts so anytime anyone asks me I'm always like, sigh, here goes the long explanation XD And actually, that lab experiment plot is sounding like a really interesting twist now... XD
@NorthernJin: OMFG I died at that comment, but yeah actually I think I might've meant a quarter?? Hideki's technically mixed by three ethnicities (His dad is mixed Japanese/Chinese and his mother is fully something else) so I'm not sure if that'd be a quarter or a third or...gosh I'm so bad at fractions XDDD
@DustySeedling: Hohohoho, hand holding indeed!! ^__^
New juicy info about Hideki OBTAINED!
I've edited this page's coloring sooo many times because I've now realized I can't keep up with doing the whole fully colored comic pages thing (why am I even surprised with myself LOL CRIES) soooo hopefully this page doesn't look too jarring compared to the ones before it!
GREAT NEWS GUYS!!! All the lines for chapter 5 are DONE! If the comic continues to update without any breaks in between, this chapter will be ending in February 2018. So for your viewing pleasure, I've compiled all the blank pages (starting with page 21) and zipped them for $1 patrons. Thanks for checking in!
Innnntroductions! :-D

side excited because the lines for chapter 5 are almost done!!! 4 pages left to line and 18 to color overall!
@kagaribi: Haha I feel you there :'DD and yes I am, definitely nowhere near fluent though! I was learning mandarin for quite a few years, but I fell out with learning it in high school. I've recently been back to learning again since my language ability is sooo bad XD
@NorthernJin: OH WOW!! it actually does work! (I never knew until now google translate allows pinyin input...I think you just saved my life with your discovery XDD)
@Gavala: the questions that MATTER haha
and LOL knowing Hideki...we might have to have 911 on speed dial :'DD *got you covered*
Language barriers :'DD
Hideki has other family members??? What is this madness!

I'm going to be updating my patreon soon (for $1 patrons and one free public post, which I'll link when it's made) with some more pictures of my process making the four corners first book!! Right now I'm just making the test book that will have to be proofread, but I'm having QUITE a time putting it all together, LOL.

Thanks for tuning in for this week!
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Haha, silly non-rich people and their "home cooked meals", HA HA!
Chapter entire chapter consisting of 90% food conversations :'DD