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Hi! I love to read comics and make some of my own.
Usually go by Boniae on most sites these days.
twitter @ cooljalebis
instagram @ boniae
She would, Lifen... TT____TT
Now you've gone and done it, Hideki X'DD

I've never officially said anything about this before, but, I'm really happy because I think i'm slowly climbing out of a very bad Four Corners related funk? I update (semi regularly) because these pages have been finished for a very long time, but behind closed doors I've been juggling other projects, business stuff and my RL job too, and I think that was just a disaster waiting to happen. For what feels like forever, (honestly, probably since the beginning of the year) I've just been mindlessly updating as weekly as I can with Four Corners and it's been painful to see myself slip away from something I used to love so much. I really don't know what caused it, maybe it's a mix of working on so many things, selling the books and having to think of the comic as a monetary number, having people I know in real life become aware of it's existence (especially my family, which has been incredibly frightening for me to try my best to hide it's romantic subject matter), but the good news is that I...think things are getting better?? ANYWAY, what I mean to say by this is, I think I'm finally back to feeling like I can depend on this series again, and I just want to let you all know that I'm incredibly appreciative that you all still read it. It really means the world to me, thank you so much. T_T
@SOABS: OF COURSE! How could I forget webcomics?! Probably the best thing to be distracted by. XD
Losing concentration on your studies from a melodramatic drama is probably the best thing to be distracted by :'D
@SOABS: Heheh ohh that vigilance! XD Only time will tell!!!
Someone's becoming popular! :O
New faces!!! :-)
Side note...another reason I love this chapter is because I can finally utilize my near decade love of 90s kogal/gyaru fashion LMFAOOO
Sorry for the late update! I've been busy trying to prep for a con thats in a few days that I'm attending, and also selling for a day at the Craft fair at Colossalcon, so if you're there you can hit me up! I'll try to schedule next week's page so it still updates. Thanks for reading!
@Frochaos92: Hahaha AWESOME! Woo that was probably a lot of pages to get through, so congrats! And also thank you for reading!!! Hope you will continue to enjoy the comic ^_^
Ahhh...getting ready for school when we don't want to....our favorite past time........

In other news...I got contacted and I almost thought I might have a really big paying gig, but it ended up not being a match. Never getting your hopes up at all times is the best tactic to have to deal with these sort of things. X'D Good news, is I don't have to push Four Corners/my visual novel aside to work on something new, so maybe it was a dodged bullet. Still would be nice to get paid to make art though. :'DDD
That good ol thinking anxious thoughts before bed :'DDD

Also, I'm so sad because the place where I put the CSS for the old layout is gONE and I can't remember if I put the file on my new computer SOO SCREAMS hopefully I can revamp the theme again when I have the energy!!
Oh Lifen....give Hideki a little more credit X'D
For reference, Lifen is more comfortable speaking Mandarin, but was also taught Hokkien growing up.
Total language immersion! Nothing's more fun than going to a school in a language you really don't know that well!!!!!!!! Not a nightmarish situation at all!!!!!!
Aww, little Hideki the little prodigy ^^
I was gonna do an April Fools joke but...compared to the past 2 years nothing can top those. X'D But to keep up with the April First spirit, here's a REVEALING picture of Hideki's FUTURE LIFE I never finished so SPOILER ALERT!!!1!!! VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

Also, consider watching last years april fools animation video if you haven't!
It's a little Hideki!!! TToTT
aLSO I straight up forgot to upload yesterday LOL better late than never though!
This whole chapter is colored in a sepia kinda tone, (kinda like aged paper??) due to it being a flashback and also because it's like 60 pages long and I felt that not coloring and actually having an excuse not to color would be such a treat LMAO
In the summer of 1992, LiFen abruptly leaves Taiwan to study abroad in Japan. Although feeling empowered in a new and exciting environment, LiFen struggles against those that oppose her as a person...


As a non-spoilerish warning; emotionally speaking, this chapter is gonna be pretty rough. Judging from the end of chapter 6, something not so great happens (UUHMM WE MEET THE VILLAIN SORTA COUGH COUGH) and it’s just kinda a rollercoaster with some glimmers of satisfaction. If you need some specifics, there's some violence at the end/a few uncomfortable words that are thrown around the end as well. Plus subtle situations of ppl just plain old being mean.

LiFen is the focus of this chapter, and around the time she settled into Japanese life, she was beginning to transition, although during the beginning, the characters were unaware of her identity until later on. As a warning to readers, unfortunately she will be referred to her birth name and incorrect pronouns up until a certain point in the story. I apologize if that aspect + the flashback feels unnecessary to some degree, but as the comic goes on, there's a certain situation that occurs during the moment of her budding identity which is crucial to tell. Additionally, I always felt like LiFen deserved an arc of her own, and unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to do it in the canon timeline. I think a chapter like this really helps flesh her out more, and I’m so excited to show everyone why I love her so much and how important she is to the story. I hope you enjoy her development and her plight to embrace who she truly is! (/end long ramble LOL SORRY FOR THIS LENGTH PLS ENJOY THIS CHAPTER)