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i love drawing and writing story's. i hope to publish and entirely live off my own comics one day. :3
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H: thanks, i made them myself. :v
patreon AD
there is a speed paint up on patreon for this page. =]

its been 3 years since this guy was mentioned waaaaay back. now hes finally here. :v
@mrjacob77: yep, thankfully got a new box today. which is working great. so hopefully thats the end of that issue. =]
Internet’s broke. >:v
Internet’s broke at home. Need a repair man and don’t know when I’ll be back. So caretaker updates may stop for a bit. Sorry about that. DX
the story's pretty set and there will only be one dragon in the series.
we'll see. :D
become a patreon for $5 and you can see a speed paint vid of this page! =]
totally thought today was Friday. DX
thank you. :3
every friday
becuase he needs it to buy supplys and samuel told him he could.
thank you. :3
horror comic emitting sounds would be terrifying. XD
April 12th, 2019
thank you. :3
@Triforce Fandom :
the great puppo Cerberus has blessed us with her chibi presence.

will move to EX section later. =]
nope, its just a little ... special ... after wrestling with Hercules who cricked its neck in the fight. =]
@Tara :
mauled by ... giant spiders?! >:D