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I'm mainly making this account to be more than just a "guest" on my favorite webcomic's comments.
I'm 21 years old, and I've been a huge Pokemon fan for a long time, starting with a Pokemon Red and Blue series I recieved for Christmas when I was very young. Ever since then, I've been following the series. Ruby and Sapphire being my favorites (I know, I know).
I also love to draw, play video games, and hang out with my closest friends (which is nearly every single say). I'd LIKE to pick up on polymer clay as a hobby, but man that hobby is a tad pricey.
I work at a grocery store as a courtesy clerk, but plan on getting a better job soon, as well as go back to college, which I went to for 2 years right after I got out of high school, but unfortunate issues came up.
I also only typed this because I was bored. Seriously, no one is going to read this. Why am I still typing? Silly. OK bye.
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Poor Kato...
I felt it bad when Jojjo was confirmed dead, you do a very good job showing realistic depression in Kato like the other guy said. I hope everything turns out well with him because I really adore his character. He sorta reminds me of myself outside the computer screen haha. Waiting patiently for the next update! (:
Caught up!
I forgot to check back on the comic after that big pause,so I was pretty excited when I remembered I read this and saw it was updated. OK, so I'm Hella sad Jojjo is gone, she made me feel... "safe"(?) in a way because she seemed the most mature and now that she's gone it's just... dang. Poor (damn forgot his name) Sandslash. I love how the Eevee practically makes a Snorlax it's bitch. I will remember the names again!!
All aboard the feels train!
Ok, fuq that Snorlax...
Ohmygawd no. NONONONONONONOnonononoNO. I legit hate this Snorlax now, I don't even care of his backstory, he has possibly killed the very characters I did NOT want to die, and that makes me unforgivingly hate him.
Poor Jojo.She was an amazing bug type and you gave her an amazingly fitting personality and story.
The panic is real
EVERY goddamn page had me going "Don't die Puck, Don't die Puck, Don't die Puck" over and over. I know you are going to write the comic according to how you actually played the game but I am going to be SO sad if Puck dies. Or Jojo.... Or ANYONE for that matter. But Snorlax was tough even without the nuzlocke challenge so I'm in panic mode while reading this lol. You know you're doin' something right when you got your readers freaking out haha. Fantastic job, as always.
I actually felt my stomach drop a little when Snorlax came back, even though I felt the battle was won too easily but still... I'm afraid that Snorlax is gonna wreck someone's face. ; - ;
Snorlax cop!
That was just an adorable idea, but cuteness aside, Snorlax was a bit of an obstacle to get by in a nuzlocke challenge... So I fear the next chapter as it is very possible there might be big death coming up.
That or she captures Snorlax? MAYBE?
I just really don't want to see any of them die. ; - ; Except that HM slave Bellsprout. Don't got much of an emotional connection with that one. Sorry if that sounds bad.
"I never liked Eevees anyway."
That's sin Giovanni, you love them. You ain't foolin' anyone man...
Wonder how that Master Ball will be put to use... And the fact it's in the wrong hands right now, is certainly no silver lining. Agh it could be put into such bad use I'm so worried for Robin. That unlucky duck her.
Dat third panel tho...
Srsly that is by far the creepiest face I've seen. xD I can see this turning into both a tragic and touching result. -inhales- ALRIGHT. MY FEELINGS ARE READY.
Holy crap
This is getting intense. And the way you drew Gyarados is absolutely badass. Like, holy crap I am just amazed.
OH NO!! Not.... that... other bellsprout who's name escapes me! Ohhh now I don't know if he/she is dead or not now. > <

On another subject, you have no idea how much I arm flailed when there was more pages. x) Can't wait (nah I'm patient) for more!
I'm so happy Marowak is making an appearance!
There needs to be plushies of it. NOW. > v <
The way you draw charmander is beyond adorable. X __ X
I'm trying to get into this comic... but the main character Atticus is seriously irking me. I hope something changes about this guy but man is he pushin' me away.
That was fast
14 years old, and smokes. I feel the characters are supposed to be older than said "14". xD At least they don't look 14.