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I'm not crazy. My reality is just different than yours.
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OOoooohh I just realised who Owen makes me think of since I first started reading this! He reminds me of Chris from Skins, although their personalities are not so much alike but maybe you'll see where I see similarities.
And given that I love Chris, that must be why I kind of like Owen
@Biscuit: I was talking about the whole comic unfortunately, I'm really worried for all of our boys
Aaaaaargh this can't end well
@JesBelle: I love your comments xD
@Biscuit: I've studied a bit of genetics so I thought I'd join in on the discussion (very late, sorry): there are 3 different genes that define eye colour, and like all genes, there are 2 copies of each one, one from the father and the other from the mother. Lighter eye colours (green and blue) are recessive genes which means that if there's only one copy of it and the other copy is darker, the dark colour will "win". Ave and Alan must have two copies of the "light eye colour" gene along with 2 other genes that in the end result in blue and green, whereas Rich has either two "dark eye colour" copies or one.
That's all I know about eye-colour genetics :D
@Quadrant: Pretty sure they're more than simple inrtusive thoughts.
I dread the moment everything gets way worse
Welcome back, Biscuit :) Hope everything is going well~

And aw, Jack is such a nice person as always <3
Oh my, I just realised the size of Owen's penis. It goes all the way to his belly button it seems. I can't imagine the pain of being penetrated by it D:
When there's too much drama (at school), all you gotta do is.. walk away-ay-ay
@Biscuit: It's a series, producted by Netflix but with British actors, and it happens in the UK, and I L O V E D it. I think it could interest you?
The synopsis basically is: James, 17, is convinced that he's a pschopath, and decides he wants to kill someone (instead of killing random animals sometimes). He sees in Alyssa, a classmate, a potential victim. But things don't go as he planned and they embark in a crazy road trip.

Really worth watching, the episodes are 20-25 minutes and they are 8 of them. (No season 2 is planned atm). The actors are so good.
It makes me thing of something; Biscuit, have you watched "The End of the F***ing World"?
@Biscuit: Oh I knew the name fit well for a reason!

Also, to Avery: When you have blood all over yourself, you're not exactly the most inconspicuous individual.
I'm speechless, this is too damn dark. I'll go hug my plushies and be right back, k?
Aaaavveee... I understand your rage but the best move would've been to let the bad guy do his little monologue and ignore him while figuring an escape plan. Like calling your brother on the phone discreetely and letting him hear what was happening. Or looking around for a sturdy thing you could knock the baddie out with and run the f*** outta there.
Don't touch him ew *gets flashbacks from the interludes* ... Fuuck