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@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: It is certainly what it looks like~ Looks may deceive, though.

The first part of the next chapter will deal with this more indepth, so I don't want to say too much here for now :)
And that concludes chapter 5 :)

There'll be a break in updates next week and then we'll jump into the Intermission!
@YolkenEgg: Thank you :3 Doing my best to keep the prettyness up or push it even more!
@fabioshaka: I see all the comments and each and every one is making my day :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to type out yours, it means a lot to hear people appreciate the work put into a comic!
Here's a larger version!

I've had a lot of fun with this page~ Getting to draw different locations in each panels absolves me from continuity errors. I had my doubts if I could pull it off, though. So there were a couple of hair-pulling moments, when I tried to translate sweeping scenery shots from the uncut Lord of the Rings movies into one spread page :P
This scene changed a lot from what I called "finished script" a year ago. It was trimmed down a lot, because the chapter is already the longest in the comic and I really wanted to get it done haha. In the end I feel it's working a lot better, too.
@Kingfish: It came from the unlikeliest places: cloud brushes :P
SpiderForest's Application season is still going~ Apply with that comic of yours!
<img src=" erbanner_spider.jpg" alt="image" />
(In case you have questions about SpiderForest, the application process or what being a member entails I'm happy to answer them :) )
I haven't written much here lately. I've recently finished drawing this chapter, which kept me rather busy haha. It's the good kind of busy, though :)

And more in news: SpiderForest's Application season started this week and if you've got a webcomic of your own and would like to apply for membership, this is your chance!
<img src=" season.png" />
(In case you have questions about SpiderForest, the application process or what being a member entails I'm happy to answer them :) )
Kanar points out some flaws.
Kanar is enjoying herself at the expense of others. Most notably Anrak.
@Tepig16: Just her luck that her hat throws shade on her :P
Somebody's concerned.
They've got something in common it seems :D
They'l be besties in no time :D
Anrak may regret seeking this talk?
I don't see that happen on my end. A guess would be, that you're seeing the old version first, before it updates to the redrawn page upin loading completely. That would probably be a glitch on SmackJeeves' end.

I'll look into solutions for this.
A couple of tired woofs.
I noticed a surge in the comic's fan-count during the last week due to Soul's Journey being spotlit on Smack Jeeves.

Welcome new people, I hope you're enjoying the comic and stick around! And thank you, pre-spotlight-subscribers, cause without you that wouldn't have happened in the first place :D

This year is a pretty significant one for the comic. There are lots of ambitious goals to meet in the near future and the spotlight was the icing of the first quarter of 2019. Let's see how Quarter 2 will fare.

(If you happen to be in Germany on May 11th and 12th - I'll be at a small-ish comic con in Berlin~ Though, most of you most likely live on the other side of the globe.)
@Serenityheart: I'm a little unclear on what you would ideally want out of a partnership. Are you looking for a mentor of sorts, or somebody to help out with the art side of the project? (Either drawing entire pages or parts of them.)

I wouldn't consider myself ideal for the mentor position, drawing pages on a commission basis, however, is something I can do. I can give you my rates via DM if you're interested in that.