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My name is Brandi. But I dun really like, even if people say its cute. I prefer Resse. =D I'm 14, and a perfect example of why your should hide all your pron, NC17, ect stuff from your kids. XDD I'm asexual, but I like to date around with guys and chicks. I'm a cat person. Insanly obsessed with yaoi, and yuri. Will become a super computer hacker to bypass the blocker my mother put on my computer. XD

If you look at my favorites.. You can tell I like yaoi....-cough- a lot XD But I also like yuri. Not as much, but pretty damn close. Hetro doesn't really do it for me.... So. Unless the plot, drawing, and over all comic kick serious ass; you will never find a hetro comic in my faves. ever.

My motto is: If its not about gay sex; I'm not interested, and it can wait until I'm done with my porn. X]
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no. there's probably no reason why their zombies. it's fucking epic like that. but if there is even better. XD
ah, well... you see what had happened was.. XD
Asura's in her undies because apparently while she was taking a shower, one of the other girls came in and stole her clothes, only leaving her undies. -nods- who? i have no idea.
-cough- is this a blant idea to try and get the collab moving again? why, yes. yes it is. xD
in case you didn't see Thyme has left the that means Ali (how come you didn't tell me i messed up her name when i first drew her? XD) has left too. i know this is crappy, as you can tell i kinda rushed to try and put it up before she left, but failed. but it's the thought that counts, right? ....right?!
we'll miss you!!!
Asura: My lovely tis gone..TTxTT
send all applications to Makoto Mishuharu!!! -nods-
oh, and Makoto-chan? could you, or someone with that privilege fix the background/layout? it's kindda broken. D: good luck everyone who applies~ ^-^
thankies reno and thyme~ X3
i'll upload aomething unless sometime this week or something -smiles, nodding-
hey all~ I'm back, now that my scanner bends to all of my whims now. I'll admit, i was slacking. horribly. XD but, but, i'm trying now. -nods- as you can drawing has chanced a bit, so I felt like Asura needed a make-up. so..yea. i did a little sketch. new, hair cut, clothes, and piercings. yay :D
so cute~ :D

Asura: molestation!! -pounces-

Asura's active, I just gotta beat my scanner to start working so I can start posting again :P
oh~ I like it, I like it~
plus your art makes meh green with envy XD
awww -smiles- Zadel is all possessive like~~ XD Though, personally, I can't wait for his older brother... I thought I saw a resemblance; the circles on the shoulders a good hint.

ok. ok. I can't help it. I gotta point it out. -points- page 69 XDDD
To have a theme for each month, and have each person draw something dealing with the theme.
I saw another collab doing it, and they were having pretty often updates and I was like 'hey maybeh it'll work for us too!=O'
So~ wha cha think? oxo
then happeh b-day Cookeh! =D
...I finally got around to coloring that picture/sketch I drew of Asura and Allie.... Hope you like it? >.< -first attempt at yuri in her art-
Green thong, who all saw that one coming? -raises hand- X3
I was playing this Hentai game...and well...yea. this was the result. o.o ....I have no other comment
Asura feels under-sexed and decides to tell everyone. X3

Read right to left
Cha, yea. this is my gift to...meh and anyone else whose birthday was August 14th! Happy Belated B-day~ :3

...and yesh, that is Asura...just in her b-day clothes :P
-Two Weeks Before: Woah....This makes me want to draw! :3

-Now: ok....I got like...lots of stuff to scan. o.e Now I just got to get to it.

oh. And I think I got a idea on how to get us all updating more regularly :3
Gah -bangs her head- stupid, stupid cat! D< he's a evil! ...ok, maybeh not to you...he's not ruining your pairing for you.... but he's a perv damn it! and not the good kind! he's the.... old man molesting a little kind kind of perv! the /bad/ kind! D<

-cough- anyways. your comic? woah. just...woah. I think I'm in love. XD If you ever need a fangirl, let me know! ;3
cute~ lol, as soon as I saw this 'I Kissed A Girl' came on. its fate~ XDDD
erm. its ok to post two times in a row, right? XD

um. yea. that's Asura in color, and then in just plain pencil. o.o I like her better in pencil X3
kay. tis this better, or tis it too small now? o-o