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I'm back! I'm a starting freelance artist working on manga-style comics.

Thank you!
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This chapter is a challenge to create since it has more backgrounds than the first one.
The queen finds herself alone...

Fun fact: this is the first time I've made it past Chapter 1 in ten years!
1.2 Cover!
Welcome back to Nightmare's Tragedies! We start off with a new cover and a new storyline!
Extra 2: Secondet Lainhart
Here's this week's Character Profile for the Extra Content! Feel Free to check out my Patreon for early access content and exclusive illustrations!
Extra Page #1: Daikonran's Profile
First extra page! I'll be doing a series of quick extra pages in between chapters to talk about the characters and the settings; kind of like a refresher!

Check out my blogpost for even more info:
Chapter 1 of "Nightmare's Tragedies" is DONE! Since this was a perspective heavy page, I decided to draw and ink everything in traditional media then tone it on Clip Studio Paint! I may do this for the upcoming chapters, since I'm more comfortable doing perspective in pencil. Check out my Youtube Channel next Tuesday for a complete walkthrough of this page!

THANK YOU to all my fans and readers for giving my webcomic a chance! I'll be taking July "off" to plan out Tragedy II: "Arrival of Dreamless Nights" and get a special new project out! Not to worry: I'll be posting sketches and tidbits of this Chapter in the meantime!

See you all soon and THANK YOU! ♥
Chapter 1 Finished! As before, splash pages and final colors soon!
Splash page and colors soon!
no colors this week, too swamped with other offline stuff.
Wooo, backgrounds ahoy! Note: this is before I took a perspective class...
Old Ironside
And that's the last of this week's update.
The Merry Murderess
One of two new pages! The Merry Murderess makes herself know.
The Encounter
And so, our heroes appear! :D Changed the colour of the text so you can read better!
The Sunrise
I had to retype this page because my former self was stupid and forgot that .PSDs should be organised!

Also, there's more contrast, making it easier to read now.
The Investigator
For what it's worth, Capt. Kino isn't quite human. I like this page a lot still :D

Also, all pages are now .GIF (to avoid Smackjeeves's 500KB cap).
The murder
and Raleigh goes SPLAT indeed.
Hey! You're from RMR! It's nice to see your comic on Smackjeeves! :D
Heylo! :D
HA! I got the first page up! :DDDD For some reason:
1. I couldn't make this comic colored as originally planned.
2. Coloring Grandfather gave me the chills = =;;;
Since this is a collab comic, I'm waiting for the next pages to be drawn by my I give you a filler/cover! <3