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I think Sarah may be reading to much into how someone answers a question. Or maybe not.

But more yet to come . . .
@skyangel: I await the next four pages with keen anticipation.

And I am happy to bowl you over. :) but it's more a retention of trivia than a super memory; wedding anniversary, wife's birthday, wife's name . . . all these have on occasion alluded me, but details of a comic strip? Yay! ;)
@Linn: Ah. Of course. -blush- But I think you're right, it would be one hell of a plot twist, but I too seriously doubt Sky's going to go there.
@Linn: I'm sure Sky can explain, but I think it's Lucy's personalised number plate. First seen in #490.
Sorry to hear about your brother Sky.

I have had similar experiences with commemorative plaques for cremations. In the end it does seem easier (& better) to scatter the ashes in a place which has some meaning.

Now as to Laura. Hmmm . . . we'll see what Sarah finds. Hopefully nothing to worry about . . . hah!

And I might be reading too much into it, but back in strip #586 Lucy's father used the phrase "Laura's tragic death" which at the time struck me as a little odd. Is it someone reiterating the "Official Story?" Or just an innocent turn of phrase which struck this particular reader as odd.
And more food for thought. Private clinics and fake(?) funerals? Potentially getting into some serious conspiracy territory here.

And whether the supernatural element is in peoples imagination or not, one ghost that is definitely real is Lucy's love for Laura. Flowers on her grave every week? I think Sarah's mind will not be at rest for sometime to come.
@skyangel: Congratulations on seven years and six-hundred pages! Well done!
Well Nikki certainly got Sarah thinking, whether it's something that it's right to be thinking about is another matter.

And is it really the ghost of Lenore, or just Sarah's imagination?

I'm going with the latter . . . only there's that crow . . .

Time will reveal all.

Well, possibly.
@skyangel: Thanks for that. I'm not really asking questions, more just speculating on what might be coming up.

Of on a tangent, but I've rather drifted from Dr Who. From "must see TV" to "when I get around to it." I personally do not feel the role has been crying out for a woman to play the part. But I hope she does well and, more importantly gets good stories.

Meanwhile I'm looking forward to what comes next on 'Simply Sarah.'
Hmmm . . . an unexpected development. Or maybe just a coincidence with Christian names. Unless May was lousy with her calendar keeping.

Maybe next week we'll find out about what's having Sarah go, "?!"
Well, well. That is an odd connection there.

I wonder what else May put in her diary.

Maybe that her two talented pupils were half-sisters but didn't actually know it?

Or maybe just that the milkman was late again that day?

We'll see.
"Just to get a break from Carlingford. . . " Oh dear. But overall a nice quiet strip for this week. Though I'm still a little unsure about the idea of a comic strip within a comic strip; maybe a bit too "meta?"
@skyangel: That's a valid point about keeping things moving. And interesting one about how Lucy and Janey's feelings towards their firsts are also shaped by guilt.

See what happens next.
Well, well, well. Well done Sarah. And I feel sorry for thinking she'd try and squirm out of it.

Interesting approach by Sky about fast forwarding through Sarah's confession and focusing on the reaction to it.

And a rather shivering ending to this strip with Sarah realising that we can never forget our first loves. Even if they ended badly. (In death for Lucy, and in betrayal for Sarah.)

But perhaps the really important point (or question) is while we can never forget our first loves, can we still move on from them?
I agree about your readers never forgiving you. While 1a would have been a very dramatic twist; it's probably not a good direction to go in. (Although I'm ideally contemplating Sarah being haunted for the rest of her life by visions of (Edit: sorry, Lucy & Laura)sweetly holding hands . . . )

Thanks for sharing you experiences, and I think a degree of ambiguity can be good.

See what happens next.
Ah! So my speculation about Sarah's snooping being discovered, and misinterpreted, were correct.

And now, as Sky has pointed out, Sarah has two choices:

1. Make a clean breast of it, confess to her snooping and her motivation for snooping, and hope her and Lucy's relationship survives this.

1a. They are alone at the top of a tall tower. If things got heated someone might be going on a very short aerial tour of Warwick. -eg- (An unlikely scenario, but heated arguments can get *very* heated)

2. Keep stum and hope for the best.

I've a strong suspicion next weeks strip will involve the words, "Is anybody there?" -eg-

One random point, Lucy says she found the door to Laura's room open. When Sarah fled the room back in #569, she swore she heard the door slam behind her. Sarah's over-heated imagination playing tricks? Simply she slammed it behind her, but it didn't actually catch? Or something else?
Interesting. And an intriguing comment from Sky about next week; was Sarah's snooping in Laura's room noticed, and misinterpreted? Did that trigger Lucy's flashback????

Nice to see the girls having a lovely day out, even if the strip ends with a shadow being cast over the day.

And apropos of nothing I have visited Warwick a couple of times, and I recall it being a lovely city, and I did once visit the castle; it was when I was a child and I remember nothing of the castle, but I do remember eating a knickerbocker glory in a café outside of it. :)
@skyangel: Interesting point. I'll keep an eye(& some thoughts) on Lenore.
Sarah's dreams, random and meaningless, or hinting at a deeper fear? Working off the idea that's not really Lenore's spirit, is it Sarah's subconscious telling her to dig deeper? To look beneath the surface for truth, even if she'd might not like what she found?

Or is Sarah just scared that Lucy loved Laura (and Lucy still has no idea Laura was her half-sister) more than she'll ever love her?

Or something else entirely . . .
Well that's probably the most blunt title of a strip I've come across. And now we know the truth of Laura's death. Or at least how Lucy remembers it.

Personally, I think Lucy panicked, and ignorant of Lucy's medical condition and in a state of fear, she just collapsed. Was there anything she could have done? I don't know.

Should Lucy feel more (or less) guilty over Laura's death? I feel that, to an extent, it doesn't matter; what's important is how Lucy feels, not how we think she should feel, and also how Sarah feels.