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Well after last weeks, "Bang!" I am relieved that everyone's all right.

Sarah is really joining the dots here and coming up with who knows what. It's just a coincidence, and jolly bad luck on the crow of course.

Or . . .

Wither way, what is that Sarah's seen?
Nice quiet little strip, and it's fun to see Sarah working through her thoughts. And I can understand driving on auto-pilot.

But why, in the last frame, does Carlingford seem so sinister?
Bit of an info dump here, but as said it's a useful refresher.

Thank you for the links to R/L shop. Hmmm . . . I guess R/L is creepier than fiction!

I like the detail in the illustrations of the shop e.g. Jumanji on the top shelf.

And the final frame is very dramatic.

Though of course it's not actually Lenore's spirit in the last frame, just some passing stranger getting her hippy vibe on with the barefoot look. Must be. Definitely.
Is this a flash back to #583? We'll see.

Fascinating how this is largely drawn from, and inspired by, real-life.
Very nice to see you back. I hope you're coping with the heat; it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

" . . . I guess that explains it." It probably does.

Laura's comments about missing her mother are interesting, but getting into the realm of Electra complexes and other such cod-phycology is probably reading too much into it.

And I have a idea, possibly mistaken, that Nikki & Laura are going to find something in that antiques barn, something interesting . . .

The imagery in the last two frames one looking up and one looking down are very striking.

And, as others have observed, there's that crow again. A bird of ill-omen? Or a protector? Or just a coincidence?

We shall see.
@Bexlicious: You're welcome. Thank you (& Sky) for giving us a comic worth reading.
Still a great looking strip Sky, and thank you to Becky for the colouring. And I'm very glad you're still enthusiastic about this.
Sarah's dreams? I think it's been mentioned before that maybe Sarah's dreams were her subconscious trying to make sense of Lucy talking in her sleep. Maybe that's the case, or maybe not.

Interesting revelation about the perfume, and the promise of a "strange and unexpected discovery" next week . . . I honestly don't know were this is going.

One final, and random, observation: those sea-gulls, in the penultimate frame, one of them looks black rather than white . . . is this because it's in the distance and in silhouette? Or is it because it's a crow? Or, The Crow? ;-)
@skyangel: Oh well. ;-)

But thank you for confirming the location, but where ever it's set the artwork looks great.
The artwork is beautiful. Vast, sweeping landscapes with two figures almost lost in them. Lost in their own conversation?

Btw, is this set in Norfolk?

As to the conversation . . . all very mature and adult, and I hope it continues to be so, and I think it will do. Although I do wonder if "mature & adult" will survive contact with the untidiness of the heart . . .

Though talking of "mature & adult" part of me, probably the "immature & adolescent" part, is still hoping for a threeway . . . -blush-
I do wonder if the title of this strip is a reference to Laura's tattoo.

Beautifully done strip btw.

Ron's actions, regardless of what he really intended, have cast a long shadow.

Kidcthulhu has mentioned this already, but I can understand Sarah being tempted. But Sarah while has a long history of rushing into things without consideration, she has always done so with good intentions.

I think she'll tell Laura how Lucy feels about her and let the dice fall as they will.
@skyangel: Thank you for the kind words.

So sometimes a tattoo of a heart is just a tattoo of a heart . . . :)

About kissing scenes, sex scenes. Well, you first started this comic Sarah & Janey were both schoolgirls, so I guess you might have had some concerns there. But over the years you have done some very erotic & explicit, while still staying within what might be called good taste. I freely admit I have enjoyed those strips, but I never felt they were merely titillation. They were part of the characters lives. Although I'm still not sure about "salmon" though . . .

I think the net has changed things for good, as you say it has enable people to come forward and meet other people which is great. Okay, the net has had a negative effect, on a whole bunch of things, but a lot of things can with a downside.
Interesting strip & interesting comments by Sky.

Yes, I guessed things have changed over the years. (I remember first reading this on Drunk Duck and followed it here when the DD had its troubles.) And I guess technology does impact, in the old days if you wanted to produce a comic you needed a printing press, these days just access to a near ubiquitous piece of technology. And I guess the way people access the comic does affect the way they can comment on it as well.

And I guess things have changed in other ways, not so long ago a same-sex kiss on TV was a really big deal, these days not so much. And no, not everything in the garden is roses, but things have changed.

And as for the strip. Well, yes I did correctly guess that Ron had edited his comments to Lucy. (Feeling - a little - smug, just a little though.) What Ron actually intended in the moment he had Laura dangling over the pit we'll never know, especially as Ron seems incapable of admitting the truth - even to himself - but Laura's perception of his intentions is chilling. No wonder she stayed quiet all those years.

And more of this quiet talk with Laura to come . . .

Couple of other points, love the scenery.

And the heart tattoo on Laura's shoulder, when did she have that done? And perhaps more importantly, why?
Well this is interesting. Sometimes silences speak volumes. And I suspect the quiet walk will very interesting for Sarah & Laura.

Oh, and I would not be the slightest bit surprised if Ron had told Lucy a very heavily edited version of events. -grr-

Oh, and for some reason Laura's speech bubble of "?" makes me smile.
Well, well, well, I didn't think The Surpise was going to be Sarah's old mini. I took the reference to a "hint" in the last panel of the last strip to be the dashboard ornament, but I (unsurprisingly) couldn't figure it out.

So Ron gave Lucy a present of her current(?) girlfriend's restored old Mini to make up for coming close to murdering her ex(?)-girlfriend? Hmmm . . . Ron is not going up in my estimation any time soon.

But maybe the real surprise in this strip is Lucy telling Sarah, "I'm with you now . . . it doesn't mean good-bye."

Next weeks strip could be very interesting.
It's very sad for Sarah, but she did the right thing, and deep down, I think she knows it.

Of course the smutty side of me is thinking the solution to this is "ménage au trois" or maybe just a threesome . . . I lock up my smutty side now. -blush-

But, no, ultimately Sarah did the right thing. Pragmatically, there could never be happiness between Sarah & Lucy with Laura's ghost between them. And for Sarah to aid and abet in maintaining a lie would be even worse. Having the truth out in the open, and laying the "ghost" to rest is for the best.

And this surprise for Sarah sounds intriguing.
For a page which isn't much loved, it's really kinda neat.

I liked the top panel, it gave a real feeling of leaving, a point of things changing.

And I liked some of the touches in the other frame e.g. Janey's portrait against the wall.

And where do we, and Sarah and Lucy and Laura and Nikki go from here? We shall see.
That first frame was great and set up the whole of this strip.

"I only did it for you" is right up there with "I'm not a bad man" as lies Ron tells himself. -grr-

Sarah did the right thing getting Ron to tell Lucy the truth. (Though like Sarah, I'm wondering how "watered down" was Ron's version.) But what happens next? We shall see.
Thanks for the comic Sky and I hope that you're having nice Easter too.