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@skyangel: Well that's good to know. Hmmm . . . "for the most part." People do misremember, and can even edit their memories, not always unconsciously.

Still it will be nice to get to hear Ron's side of the story.
That's quite a saucy final frame. Slightly reminiscent of The Graduate. (Well I think so.)

But it is going to be interesting to here Ron's side of the story. Though, of course, this is only *his* side of the story . . . and how accurate will his memories be, or at least what he's telling Sarah.

But it's still going to be interesting.
Now this finally removes any last lingering doubts I've had about Laura being alive.

And him letting Sarah's tire down doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

And "I am not a bad man." Is there going to be a follow up to this of, "But I've done bad things?"

Either way it's going to be interesting what Ron has to say.

And the artwork in this strip. The top and bottom panels, a real feeling of stark isolation. Brilliant.

Oh. And the crow's back . . .
Well, we'll see what happens. But take the day off work??

Well, at least it wasn't, "Could you call into work and tell them that you've decided to go globe-trotting for six months and that you don't have a forwarding address or an internet connection? Why? Oh, no particular reason."
Oww! Well at least Sarah's brought her concerns out into the open.

And she has definitely made up her mind that Ron is both Lucy & Laura's father.

Now while there is, I think, a lot to be said for speaking the truth. I think Sarah, if she has made this connection and not just decide Laura is alive . . .

(And FWIW it's really looking like this is the case as well as Ron being Laura's father.)

. . . then I think she ought to be treading a lot more delicately.

If only because she's now given Ron the opportunity for the perfect comeback line: "Well I think she'd take it a lot better than finding out she'd been banging her own sister!"

But next week we'll see what line Ron does come back with . . .
Ah! That explains the Mysterious Guest Comment notifications! Please note, I wasn't bothered and just put it down to one of those minor glitches from time-to-time. Nice to know though. :)

As to the story . . .

Hmmm . . . while it does indeed look like Laura's alive, Sarah still doesn't have any hard evidence Laura's alive. Just a lot of odd coincidences and things that don't quite add up. That is the problem with conspiracy theories; anything can become "proof."

But, OTOH, there are some really odd coincidence's here and hard evidence? "Lucy? I don't suppose you've an old hairbrush of Laura's? One with some of strands of her hair in it? With hair follicles? No particular reason for asking . . ." -okay-

But Sarah believes Laura is alive.

It's the old conundrum about the difference between telling someone a lie and not telling them the truth.

But we do now know were the advice comes from. Or do we? A random avian coincidence or divine intervention? Either way it's the first time (I think) that The Crow has had it's own speech bubble.

FWIW telling the truth is the right thing to do. Even if there are consequences to doing so.

Ron's concerned about Sarah's wellbeing? Why do I find this a little sinister?
@skyangel: Glad to hear you had a great break, my BH was quiet but good.

Yes, I am interested to find out what's going on. Though whether in the end Sarah will wish she had left well alone . . . well we shall see.
Well, well, well. It looks as if Sarah is on to something.

Unless, of course, it's her imagination conflating a girl who looks a little like a girl seen in a several years old photograph, to the be an exact likeness.

And looking afraid? Well if some wierdo shows up on the doorstep wittering about dead piano teachers wouldn't you be worried? I am speculating that the lady who opened the door is thinking, "I'll never say a mean word about the Jehovah's Witnesses ever again!"

OTOH . . .

Well, next week we'll see what the advice is. I'm wondering if it's "Leave well alone!" Possibly, but if it is then I'm guessing that Sarah won't take it. But I am intrigued as to whom, or what, it's from.

Meanwhile Sky, and indeed everyone who reads this comic, have a great Bank Holiday Monday.
I think Sarah may be reading to much into how someone answers a question. Or maybe not.

But more yet to come . . .
@skyangel: I await the next four pages with keen anticipation.

And I am happy to bowl you over. :) but it's more a retention of trivia than a super memory; wedding anniversary, wife's birthday, wife's name . . . all these have on occasion alluded me, but details of a comic strip? Yay! ;)
@Linn: Ah. Of course. -blush- But I think you're right, it would be one hell of a plot twist, but I too seriously doubt Sky's going to go there.
@Linn: I'm sure Sky can explain, but I think it's Lucy's personalised number plate. First seen in #490.
Sorry to hear about your brother Sky.

I have had similar experiences with commemorative plaques for cremations. In the end it does seem easier (& better) to scatter the ashes in a place which has some meaning.

Now as to Laura. Hmmm . . . we'll see what Sarah finds. Hopefully nothing to worry about . . . hah!

And I might be reading too much into it, but back in strip #586 Lucy's father used the phrase "Laura's tragic death" which at the time struck me as a little odd. Is it someone reiterating the "Official Story?" Or just an innocent turn of phrase which struck this particular reader as odd.
And more food for thought. Private clinics and fake(?) funerals? Potentially getting into some serious conspiracy territory here.

And whether the supernatural element is in peoples imagination or not, one ghost that is definitely real is Lucy's love for Laura. Flowers on her grave every week? I think Sarah's mind will not be at rest for sometime to come.
@skyangel: Congratulations on seven years and six-hundred pages! Well done!
Well Nikki certainly got Sarah thinking, whether it's something that it's right to be thinking about is another matter.

And is it really the ghost of Lenore, or just Sarah's imagination?

I'm going with the latter . . . only there's that crow . . .

Time will reveal all.

Well, possibly.
@skyangel: Thanks for that. I'm not really asking questions, more just speculating on what might be coming up.

Of on a tangent, but I've rather drifted from Dr Who. From "must see TV" to "when I get around to it." I personally do not feel the role has been crying out for a woman to play the part. But I hope she does well and, more importantly gets good stories.

Meanwhile I'm looking forward to what comes next on 'Simply Sarah.'
Hmmm . . . an unexpected development. Or maybe just a coincidence with Christian names. Unless May was lousy with her calendar keeping.

Maybe next week we'll find out about what's having Sarah go, "?!"
Well, well. That is an odd connection there.

I wonder what else May put in her diary.

Maybe that her two talented pupils were half-sisters but didn't actually know it?

Or maybe just that the milkman was late again that day?

We'll see.
"Just to get a break from Carlingford. . . " Oh dear. But overall a nice quiet strip for this week. Though I'm still a little unsure about the idea of a comic strip within a comic strip; maybe a bit too "meta?"