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Well this neatly confirms my opinion of Ron as a self-deceiving little shite. Yeah, sure it's all Laura's fault, she drove you to it . . . grr.

But on a lighter note, in the background frame one and flashing back to Sarah's experiences with the personal ads, isn't that Golden Shower girl in conversation with Lives-in-her-mother's-house-for-the-moment girl?

Edited to add: And yes, I didn't read Sky's opening paragraph properly . . . -doh!-
Sky has opined that Ron would be better if he had a backbone . . . possibly if he'd put his foot down and not gone for the quiet life, and not gone along with things, well then things would be better. But . . .

Hiring thugs to put the frighteners on Laura, that is not nice, and it shows Ron taking a very pro-active role in not being nice.

Even if he did specify that she wasn't to be (physically) hurt.

And I am wondering if the thugs he set on Laura "exceeded their brief."

We shall see.
Well, well, well . . .

Sky's said that what's happened in these accounts is - more or less - what actually happened. Which is fair enough 'cos there are only so many false leads one can cope with. But Sky didn't say if Ron's declared motivations for actions were going to be completely honest . . .

Okay, it's entirely possible that Ron really believes he really was acting in *everyone's* best interest, but frankly I'm seeing him as a little shite.

And I while I might be being unduly harsh, Ron's use of bribery, and now threats, doesn't make him look good.

So what are we going to find out next week? We shall see.
Interestingly quiet little strip.

So all was going well in the Big House of the Big Lie until . . .

Well, we shall see what happened next.
With the first frame I did wonder if the mask was slipping big time . . . and if Sarah was going to rely on the traditional counter of bringing her knee up sharpish. -eg- But fortunately the situation "resolved" without serious violence.

Hmm . . . and next week Ron's confession gets darker . . .
Is Sarah right? Has she spotted the flaw in Ron's story? Or has she missed something and instead zeroed in on a non-exsistent flaw?

Either was I'm glad her tire was fully inflated before she set off on this train-of-thought . . . although Sarah isn't actually famous for thinking things through before leaping into action.

We shall see . . .
Well Sarah may be cannier than I am since . . . unless the reason Laura wanted to spilt with Lucy was because she thought she was her sister?

Nice of Ron to pump up Sarah's tyre for her. (Hmmm . . . probably best if Sarah waits for him to finish before giving him an earful.) Oh, and Sarah's just what Ron's been waiting to for to slot into Lucy's life . . . nice.

Anyway I am looking forward to seeing what Sarah has to say.

Oh and is it a good omen or a bad one, that there's no crow in this page?
This is the first time I ever felt angry reading this strip. (IIRC) Janey's cheating, Mrs Cranberry's snobbery & prejudice, even Stacey's bullying didn't really affect me that much. Yes, I knew that all of these (and other things) were in some form or other very nasty, but in some way understandable. (Note: understandable, not excusable.)

But this, "Only Lucy's enfatuation" making things "awkward." My gut reaction was "Ron, you are a right little pr***! Yeah, you're basically a good man! Just keep telling yourself that!"

Ah well, we shall see what comes next.

But in the meantime and on a lighter note:

Happy New Year! May 2018 be Peaceful & Prosperous!
@skyangel: Thank you for the kind words.

I'm looking forward to what comes next, but no rush.

Meanwhile as said previously Merry Christmas.

(Well, actually what I'd said previously & subsequently edited was "Marry Christmas" which would have been interesting . . . )
Why did Laura play along? And why did Ron think that this whole faked death thing was a good idea?

Okay, I can understand - sorta - the wanting to avoid the whole two-half-sisters-banging-each-other-mess, but when Lucy & Laura aren't blood relations . . .

All-in-all it's a whole big load of WHY???!!!

But anyway, just in case I don't get a chance before Christmas - Sky, Merry Christmas to you & yours, and thank you for giving us 'Simply Sarah.' A Christmas present every week of the year. :)
Well, well, well, so Ron isn't Laura's father . . . and Laura isn't Lucy's half-sister . . . assuming of course the Nurse was telling the truth, or Ron's telling the truth.

Hmmm . . . somethings just have to be taken on trust, and anyway, if Ron was lying wouldn't he come up with something a bit less convoluted?
Very dramatic opening frame.

And a very dramatic little strip.

Although Ron, "I'd be a proper father to her . . . do things proper dads do, like faking her death and setting her up with a false identity . . . "

Hmmm . . .
So Lucy knew??? But just didn't believe it! Or, indeed, want to believe it.

Well, that's interesting.

And it will be even more interesting as to why we had the whole business of faking Laura's death thing, and why Laura went along with it.
Is this what Ron's really feeling guilty over? Keeping his head down when Laura & Helen fell out?

We'll see. Oh, and is that a crow on the birdbath?

And one other thing, is there a hint that Laura might not actually be Lucy's half-sister?
I hope this doesn't come across as overly cynical, but I did find "a pioneer of decent homes for young people and the homeless" a bit saccharin. OTOH I probably find "Ron made his millions as a slum landlord who wasn't adverse to breaking a few kneecaps" a bit too harsh. Although less surprising.

But the fact that Ron, at least in his version of the story, isn't an out-and-out villain gives me hope.

And then on the gatepost of Carlingford we have The Crow. A bird of ill-omen?
@skyangel: Well that's good to know. Hmmm . . . "for the most part." People do misremember, and can even edit their memories, not always unconsciously.

Still it will be nice to get to hear Ron's side of the story.
That's quite a saucy final frame. Slightly reminiscent of The Graduate. (Well I think so.)

But it is going to be interesting to here Ron's side of the story. Though, of course, this is only *his* side of the story . . . and how accurate will his memories be, or at least what he's telling Sarah.

But it's still going to be interesting.
Now this finally removes any last lingering doubts I've had about Laura being alive.

And him letting Sarah's tire down doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

And "I am not a bad man." Is there going to be a follow up to this of, "But I've done bad things?"

Either way it's going to be interesting what Ron has to say.

And the artwork in this strip. The top and bottom panels, a real feeling of stark isolation. Brilliant.

Oh. And the crow's back . . .
Well, we'll see what happens. But take the day off work??

Well, at least it wasn't, "Could you call into work and tell them that you've decided to go globe-trotting for six months and that you don't have a forwarding address or an internet connection? Why? Oh, no particular reason."
Oww! Well at least Sarah's brought her concerns out into the open.

And she has definitely made up her mind that Ron is both Lucy & Laura's father.

Now while there is, I think, a lot to be said for speaking the truth. I think Sarah, if she has made this connection and not just decide Laura is alive . . .

(And FWIW it's really looking like this is the case as well as Ron being Laura's father.)

. . . then I think she ought to be treading a lot more delicately.

If only because she's now given Ron the opportunity for the perfect comeback line: "Well I think she'd take it a lot better than finding out she'd been banging her own sister!"

But next week we'll see what line Ron does come back with . . .