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uhh.. hi?
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well this took an upsetting turn

Does this mean you'll be submitting pages a little more often?
Joey: "Hey player can you help me find my Ratttata?"
ooh vay.. it's okay
September 21st, 2014
I just caught up
Patch doesn't seem to understand that it's abnormal to have the movepool of a mew ._.
yay new page, happy easter!
so how many pages you planning on posting today? :3
This made my day
Yay!!! I legit, had this in my history as I was reading it not to long ago, I went to go re-read it well aware that you haven't updated in a while
then I saw you posted a new page
just wow, today, the one day I recheck :D
I made an account just to share my little story!

Thankyou again for updating this, I love itt