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HI ALL! my names Amanda and I love to draw!! I am Currently in college studying art and am really excited to share my comics with you all!! <3
Thank you
Thank you for all the favorites guys! You all rock!
This amazing artist on mangabullet made me some AMAZING fanart of Anna!!!! <3 <3 <3 she looks amazing!!!! dat hair!!! <3 <3 <3
She's a super nice person and her art is wonderful. Be sure to check out her stuff!
She is known as Rarahowa on deviantart:
More pages to come!!!
long time
I'm so sorry I have been gone forever :( Ive moved to an apartment and am attending a new college. I'm hoping with my new time i'll be able to update more often. Thank you guys for your patience :)
Flashback is done
A good friend of mine made this fanart for me and I about peed myself. OMG! jskefghwejkdvnmserujkgwsdjvgnkcdkagj!! She is fantastic and I love the coloring. This is the perfect feeling to resemble how I imagine these two to feel about each other.
Be sure to check out her mangabullet account and deviantart:
thanks for all the favorites!! <3
I promise it gets happy after this :)

thank you all for your faves and comments thus far. They make me really really happy!!!!
Sorry about the unspoken hiatus. I am currently in the transition of transferring to another college :)

Good news though! I have the next 5 pages COMPLETELY drawn :D
I just need to put the text in aww yeah! Expect more soon!
Hey everyone here's a bonus picture since you had to wait so long for an update. I have the next page scanned and ready to go. I hope to post it on Friday :)
I'm back
Had to take a short hiatus because of school purposes. The comic is back on schedule ;D
i dunno what you're talking about. Those dragons looks awesome! I am really bad at drawing dragons as well =_=
Here comes Leos story
If the next few pages get confusing let me know please so I can edit it. I tried to explain it as best I could. =_= And thank you all for your comments! I really really love them <3 you guys are amazing
OH I LOVE THIS!!!!! It's sooooooo cute!!!!! >//w//< I think it's a wonderful idea! Mandy looks so cute too. I would love to see more. Maybe there can be an appearance of the peach tea man in your regular comic XD lol
Just as promised
A new page. Ahead of schedule! I have the next three pages completed as well so you will get some updates for sure in the coming weeks ;D

let me know what you guys think of these pages. What you like, what you don't like :) comments REALLY make me happy <3
oh mah gah!!! i LOVE this picture!!! <3 My good friend Mandy-kun made this for me for winning her contest here on smackjeeves. OMG the squeals that same out of my when i saw this
>//w//< I love it so much.
Go check out her amazing work.
This is er Deviantart:
and her smackjeeves webcomic 'checkout lane':
It's REALLY cute and funny and the art style is wonderful :)
Hey everyone. I really really apologize for for the lack of updates :(
I was sick with a sinus infection for over a week and I spent much of my time in bed. As an apology I will be posting this page and a bonus early page plus some new filler art :)
I will also be out of town this weekend so instead of updating on sunday I will be updating on monday.
Thank you everyone for your understanding and WONDERFUL comments!!
HAHA!! I adore this concept!! THis really is so cute~!!! I would love to see it as a short comic!!! <3 princess mandy is SO CUTE!!!! *puts her in pocket*
Thank you
I really appreciate the compliments everyone :) they make me draw pages <3 you guys rock
:/ school is starting again tomorrow for me> after this year i'll have my AA. Then hopefully I can FINALLY get into the art school I want to get in after saving for a year. Why is it so expensive.
and "comment" doesn't count XD lol you guys make me laugh
This is a fanart from my great great great friend Moonlight!!! She is an AMAZING artist and she drew MY character!!!! She did it for my birthday and I was SO excited!! >//w//< I was literally rolling in my chair in happyness! And she did SUCH a fantastic Job on Anna. She looks adorable! and the uniform looks soooooo good!
Please check out her art!