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I am currently a high school student and an aspiring writer. Though it's not my primary career path I enjoy drawing and writing very much and what better a way to combine them than webcomics? My favourite genres are Fantasy, Sci-fi, Crime and Tragedy. I have many stories in progress and hopefully the best ones will be seen in their webcomic form!
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    Elizabeth Faulkner
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lol we should never speak of this. #triggered. XDD
Deep breaths Aeon, preteen hormones are a terrible thing, we know. XD
Oh, that's cold. :/
no worries, life happens! Can't wait to see the new comic! :D
eeeugh gross. XDD
Oh. Shit. Run Maggy, run!!!!
Awe smooth Jamie. XDDD
That shirt tag is a rebel. XD
Man, that tension. :/ Hopefully they'll get along again eventually.
AWWWW Jamie is such a cutie pie!!! <3
I can already tell this is ending badly.
lol Joa. Too many cutes to be seriously mad.
Yeees. Bitch deserves it.
Oooo cool title page!!!!!
April 29th, 2016
Awwww Beej is feelin' the feels.
@moonjellybeans: I hope Micaela will understand. D: