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I am currently a high school student and an aspiring writer. Though it's not my primary career path I enjoy drawing and writing very much and what better a way to combine them than webcomics? My favourite genres are Fantasy, Sci-fi, Crime and Tragedy. I have many stories in progress and hopefully the best ones will be seen in their webcomic form!
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    Elizabeth Faulkner
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lol we should never speak of this. #triggered. XDD
Deep breaths Aeon, preteen hormones are a terrible thing, we know. XD
Oh, that's cold. :/
no worries, life happens! Can't wait to see the new comic! :D
eeeugh gross. XDD
Oh. Shit. Run Maggy, run!!!!
Awe smooth Jamie. XDDD
Man, that tension. :/ Hopefully they'll get along again eventually.
AWWWW Jamie is such a cutie pie!!! <3
I can already tell this is ending badly.
Yeees. Bitch deserves it.
Oooo cool title page!!!!!
April 29th, 2016
Awwww Beej is feelin' the feels.
@moonjellybeans: I hope Micaela will understand. D:
@Diamondman: At this point i think she's a whole lot of both.
Feels are so real!!!!!!!!