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@deanpala: Aww, well we're glad you still think so much of it. It's actually been brought up a few times recently and we've been considering doing a remake of it. As it is right now it's really sloppy and if I were to do more I'd rather do it all fresh.

But real world drama keeps coming up so we're trying to figure how we could add another comic to our roster and also manage to have time to try and earn money. Why's life gotta be expensive? Bleh. Anyway! Please bear with us a while longer while we work this all out~
Taking hiatus on comics is a good way to let your mind rest and solve problems that once were. For instance. I took a 2 year hiatus off of one of my comics I have on dA 'cause I had NOOO idea where I was going with it. Then suddenly something clicked and I had the entire story at my finger tips.

Taking a break and backing away from the issue can often lead to resolution ^^ At least that's what happens with me *shrug*
It has only been 6 years so Zim knows and remembers his mom of course. But not much else obviously, he's still a young smeet after all. His response was less "not sure if that WAS his mom", and more "AM I REALLY SEEING MY MOM AFTER ALL THESE YEARS?!"

And also! On the old posting of this comic I had SOOO much complaining and begging for the canon GIR, well here he is! He's a nanny bot after all, and has to have a kind friendly side so as not to scare the smeet. But he's also programed to protect and retrieve his charge if they get lost or stolen/kidnapped. Thus the retrieval protocol. You WILL find out some interesting things~ If there's questions you have about stuff in story, ask now so I can be sure I don't forget to get them in there! I'm such a scatter brain!
@Roxxie: Ahaha XD glad you're still enjoying this.
Slow going, but whatever works right? Took up babysitting and Zim happened to get played during one of our cartoon marathons. So I figured why not make an update while I'm in the mood?
haha XD Nerd speak
Ahaha XD typical.
WOOO! thank everything I had the foresight to scan a piece of the LZ paper cause the notebook is empty! 8'D

This page dedicated to for reminding me people are still waiting for this thing to update! it looks so different because I had to do it 100% digital this round. The LZ notebook has run dry, luckily years ago I scanned in one of the pages before they started to turn pink XD; so I could use it as the page BG to tie them all together
The Question We all Ask
Pokemon vs Digimon! Who will win? Lucario or Greymon? xD
@Roxxie: Naturally~ and Spork and Miyuki are their parents
Not even a day after all those messages asking me to continue and I drew this page! Sadly i did it at work and when i came home to get it scanned i couldn't find my notebook!

Luckily I just found it under the wifi modem. God knows why it was there!

I was questionable at first, but I actually really like this page~

Also! in case anyone is curious~ he's humming Epona's song! How does he know it? WAIT AND SEE!
@Roxxie: Well goodness! I never realized my work had such power XD if that's not a good reason to bring it back, I don't know what is!
The Question for Readers!

Two years ago, I stopped working on this story. This morning I woke up suddenly invigorated to complete it! (blame it on getting to watch Danny Phantom again, the two shows sorta go hand 'n hand for me. *Thank you crossovers!*)

So the real question here is, would anyone be interested if I picked this story up again? If you are, lemme know, if you think it's a bad idea, Also let me know! I'd like to see some reasons why I should or should not continue this series. Best argument is likely to get their way.