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@Pojo: Yeah... like, what is perspective? Lol, I've been trying to practice that as well as just drawing in general. I feel like I can do this story a bit better now. Thanks Pojo!
@Pojo: Yeah, it's very bad at the beginning. No speech bubbles, a lot of things I was just doing on the fly.
Long Awaited....

Alright so I don't know how many people were actually hoping I would get this up, but I finally did. Sorry for the wait. Life has kicked me square in the face with new living arrangements, new jobs, and right now I don't even have my own computer to work on! /crycry

But anyway, the story is complete now so I hope this satisfies anyone who wanted it.

Did you enjoy my crazy story? Leave me a comment!
Don't know if anyone is still out there, but I have been without internet for a few weeks now. When I'm able, I have five pages to upload to finish this story. I am working on a new comic as well, but I'm not launching that until I have a permanent internet situation. Thanks for reading. ^_^
Late to the party
"IIIIIIII'lllll goooo it alooooone!"

"I'll go with you!!"

Is someone a fan of 80s cartoons? And is this Charmander a purple baby dragon?

I don't know if you check comments on pages this old anymore, but I couldn't help but ask these *burning* questions.

Just a head's up for anyone interested, I am beginning the descent here with Sorven Man. I plan to finish up this arc and wrap it up. This was always meant as an experiment, to sharpen my skills a bit and figure out things like layouts and pacing.

I would love feedback (good, bad, or indifferent) if anyone has anything they'd like to share. I want to start a new webcomic soon, and my hope is that the next one will be better in every way and considerably more consistent, lol.

Not sure how many more pages there will be, but I want to take a moment to thank you for reading my little comic. I hope my next project will be to your liking as well. ^_^
Well the new comic is uploaded but I somehow messed up a couple of the pages before this one. I don't know if there is a limit to how many pages you can edit at once or what but it won't let me fix it. I'm frustrated with it so I will come back later and try to fix those pages. Sorry for any inconvenience guys.
Sorry for the delay in posting, I got a painful ear infection and I've been out of it. Another update is still scheduled for tomorrow.
Finally updated. Sorry for the wait.
If anyone is still following, I apologize for the lack of update this past week. I had a nasty stomach bug that left me down for the count. I'll be back on top of things soon!
First "official" update. Hope you guys are enjoying it so far.
It's pretty rough at the beginning... It gets better, I swear! ^^;

Edit (8/10/2016): Planning to revamp this comic and post it on webtoon. I'll put up a link once I do.