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I'd say that that's probably a good guess.
You know, when I wrote this comic, I meant for Doopliss' line at the end to be the only pun, but while working on it, I realized that pretty much every line in this one is a temperature-based pun. Which actually kinda makes me mad, because I love puns, but I like to at least know when I'm writing them.

Also: With this comic, Two Piece is 100 comics old. I know, not much, but I really did not intend for it to be this long, so we should celebrate or something. *throws confetti* All right, now go home.
Oh man, Google came in real handy this time. Have I mentioned how much I love making this comic sometimes?
Sometimes, I really have fun making this comic. Dante trying badly to pick up chicks is one such time.
So, this is the first hastily thrown together filler. Ideally, it'll be the last, but I'm not holding breath about that at all.
Things are going pretty well for Doopliss so far.
Actually, I have read 2ES, but I thought up this particular part before I'd read it. Now, I DID think about trashing it because it appeared in 2ES, but, in the end, decided to just go for it.
Yeah, I know, and I actually feel kinda bad about it, but THD was more than a little dead anyways, so I thought, why not?

Also: this has an RSS feed. :D
I don't care how bad your situation is, you really shouldn't say it.
That may have been a slight over-reaction.

Or, perhaps, it was a perfectly justified reaction. Who knows?
September 28th, 2009
Oh Dante, you and your tendency to totally abandon your friends in their time of need.
Doopliss barely got out of that exposition alive!!
Doopliss has a quick tongue. Well, kinda. A little bit. Okay, not really.
Well, Doopliss finally starting to put two and two together.

Now, how about the readers?
I'm just wondering where Doopliss got the strategy guide.
These two never even met, did they?
I really have never understood the anime "Talk with your eyes closed" thing. It just seems like you're asking for something surprising to be there when you open them.
Doopliss seems to take just about everything in stride. That's a good attitude to have.
September 28th, 2009
It really has been a busy day for Doopliss.
September 28th, 2009
Doopliss is a master.