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Watch the video version here =>

The song is Bryan Adams' Sound the Bugle, from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. I think it speaks for itself.
Sorry for the single page update with no colour, though the monochrome part is intentional; it’s supposed to set the mood for the next few updates to come. Don’t worry, full colour will come back before the end of the chapter :)

Next update should be next Saturday, with ANOTHER video! This part of the story is heavily music-based, so there may even be a third video issue before the next story segment rolls out.
@Tepig16: Yeah, I feel. I tried my best to make it impactful, since it definitely had a huge impact on me. Not the good kind, unfortunately. :(
Watch the video version here =>

So, for the in-game events, since I promised to explain what the hell happened: the Kyurem fight actually went just fine. What didn’t was Victory Road.

I mentioned before that I’ve been playing this run half-blind. I’d never played the game before, and all I looked up was the teams of the major fights (rival, Team Plasma bosses, Gym Leaders, Elite Four).

As such, I had no idea where to go in Victory Road. I happened to stumble upon the Ace Trainer duo that challenges the player to a double battle. They led with Braviary and Mandibuzz, and I had Sumihiro and Felix out. Braviary goes down in one shot, but Mandibuzz doesn’t - it uses U-turn. At the start of the second turn, there are an Archeops and a Carracosta on the battlefield. Sumihiro is at full health, and Felix is at about 90%.

Knowing that a hard hit from the Carracosta would probably cost Felix’s life, I decide to play it safe and shoot a STAB move from Sumihiro to the Carracosta (it was weakened, so I was pretty confident I could kill it). Then, I give Felix a healing item. The idea would be Archeops would get to hit, but two Pokémon at level 66 from full health can surely take a hit from a level 55 Pokémon, right?

Not if it’s a critical hit, apparently. Archeops one-shot Sumihiro from full health.

That was only the first shock. Then the Carracosta uses Aqua Tail, WHICH IS ALSO A CRITICAL HIT, and he kills Felix.

I turned off the game and almost quit. Didn’t play for 10 days, I thought I’d never get back to the run, that I’d never nuzlocke again at all. I don’t know what made me resume playing. Stubborness, probably, or a sense of duty to the living. At any rate, I picked up the game again after 10 days, and got to the end of Victory Road.

Then, there was Hugh. I had Lyrian against his Bouffalant, which had Wild Charge (Odette was a no) and Earthquake (Casper was also a no). I didn’t want Cody out against it, because I couldn’t trust his defenses to take a Head Charge. So I sent out Lyrian, and had her use Cotton Guard to boost her Defense and keep up with the enemy hits.

Needless to say, critical Head Charge makes short work of that setup.

I moved all these deaths to the Kyurem fight because it made sense. More dignified than dying against a random trainer, at least. I probably won’t do much in the way of Victory Road in the comic, in any case - there’ll most likely be a cut from the eighth badge straight into the E4 challenge. So this was the best compromise I could get.

As for what happened after the last Hugh fight… well, stick around and find out!
@Tepig16: I cried just as much, believe me. :(
Just one page this time, and there'll be no update on Wednesday. Next Saturday, I'm posting a special update which should be video-based and led by music, if all goes well. I hope you like it! See you then!
Me: has a half hour to spare, might not have it tomorrow
Me: decides to drop some more feels onto the readers
If something is unclear in this passage, please let me know. Sumihiro is essentially recounting how the fight against Kyurem ended.
Silver was born in Kanto, and visited Johto as his second region. However many years ago that happened, one does not simply forget the pharmacy in Cianwood. Perhaps there's a chance, after all?
N really didn't want to have to be the messenger for this specific piece of news, and I can't blame him.
Silver's first five seconds of consciousness: "Okay, let me check if I'm actually alive"
Silver's sixth second of consciousness onwards: "WHERE ARE MY FLUFFY FRIENDS?!?"
All's well what ends well.

Or does it?
I thought of all canon characters, Malva could be the most interesting as a reporter, since she appears on the Holocaster all the time in Kalos. Sure, I could've gone with Gabby and Ty from Hoenn, but why do that when I can have an Elite Four cameo from another game?
This was supposed to be bokeh on rain, although it probably didn't come out quite as it should have, at least on the rain front. Well... it's... sort of pretty, I hope?
And this is how it ends. Not with a bang, but...

Nevermind. The chapter does end with a bang.
Last panel is lineless because I wanted to make it better-looking than the average comic page. I can't switch to this style, since it's too time-consuming for a comic (even a nearly finished one like this), but I'll try to do occasional lineless scenes for important moments.