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Known as SilverStrangequark on DeviantArt, Tumblr, FurAffinity and the Nuzlocke forums, SilverQuark on Flight Rising and Dappervolk. I draw Pokémon, dragons, anthro, fantasy creatures, and sometimes landscapes and humans.

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@thenoobitall: Best choice right there
Is this really what you probably think it is?
Tame violence because I can't bring myself to draw realistic blood (squeamish).
If you're wondering about the big difference in naming "theme" of the Pokémon Iris is using, it's because the girls are hers and get nicknamed by her, whereas the boys are her grandfather's. The Haxorus is one such case; Grímsvötn is a volcano in southern Iceland.
Tsundere to the bone, until the very end.
@Tepig16: Yep - It's the Champ battle, I had to make it exciting somehow ;)
I tried really hard to reproduce the cool visual effect I did with Scrafty earlier on, but it just wouldn't come out right, so I opted for silhouette lighting instead.
Sometimes you've just got to accept that life is not as important as recklessly trying to win a battle. Priorities, man!
Fun fact: this is the real life. I didn't make this up. Despite the Rash nature, Odette's Special Attack IV was 0 and that made her Attack stat (with a much more respectable IV of 27) higher than her Special Attack stat. An Ice Beam with a weakness did indeed do less damage than a neutral Brave Bird.
Tried to do some simple lineless to spice up the near-ending of the battle. HOW TO ICE PLS HALP
Cody may have gotten over the Liepard trauma, but the Hydreigon affair is much too fresh for him to handle this.
Sorry to disappoint whoever was hoping for another spoopyscary Hydreigon; this one is a good gal, so I didn't feel like making her look creepy!
Casper: "Cheating? What cheating?"

In-game, the battle was a lot less interesting; I don't remember the details, but I won against that Druddigon with a couple Shadow Balls if memory serves. It wasn't really a challenge, and of course Casper survived just fine.
You know shit just went down if even Casper doesn't know what the hell happened.
@Tepig16: It's Destiny Bond! (Artistic licence here; the actual battle was a lot less impressive.)