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I am SilverStrangequark from the Nuzforums! Starting today (May 31st, 2014), I'm going to document my nuzlocke runs here, in webcomic form.
They can also be found on my Tumblr:
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Sorry. Full explanations to come at the end of the battle (it'll take a bit).
Of course, there's no way even the best surprise attack would kill the legendary in one blow. The show must go on!
Remember how Casper can turn immaterial at will? What better opportunity to use that than faking one's own death, and then striking from behind?

Side note: I know some of my readers have complained about death fake-outs. This isn't one, and I had it stashed all along. Considering it's part of the strategy I used in-story to get rid of Kyurem in a convincing way, I'm not going to count it. Besides, well... without spoiling much, there's more this chapter has in store, and I believe even the ones that don't like the amount of fake-outs in this comic will agree with me once Chapter 16 starts that Casper's specific episode was not out of place.
@fggytgff345: Their aesthetic is not very different, I agree!
Ghetsis, if you play with fire, you'll get burned. You've been warned.
I seem to be in the mood for movie phrases as of late.

And drama.

(More on this in the next few updates)
Help me I can't do electric effects for squat RIP
In a way, when I see Black Kyurem's face the way I draw it, I think of djinns. So you might say this legendary has... a djinn chin.

(Shows self out)
[Black Kyurem battle theme playing in the background]
Casper don't you dare do something stupid. PLEASE.
Let's play it fair, kids: a monster with a BST of 700 against only one non-legendary Pokémon. Totally even!

And then Silver has a better idea.
Second attempt at Black Kyurem: less unacceptable (because "more acceptable" sounds too vain for this kind of result), just a liiiiittle tiny bit on the fat side (I know this is Unova, but please stop going to Mc Donald's), probably with oddly positioned shoulders. Hm.

There's quite a lot I have to work on, it seems.

Anyway, news! Chapter 14 is finally over. Not 14c, 14, as in the entire saga. We're hitting off with 15 next time, because I think it makes sense now that the Big Bad has entered the scene in its fully fledged form.

I hope you're excited for what's to come. Fasten your seatbelts - trust me, you'll need that this time.
And now, after a stupid joke on the previous page, have an infamous cinema trope. (Mostly cinema, at least, I think.) I'm feeling veeery original today.
This was going to go super smoothly, right?


...C'mon, we're on top of a mountain, everything is all but smooth.
A very belated Studio Ghibli meme, tagged by Krysantine (DeviantArt)!

This is from Castle in the Sky, or Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa. It plays on Silver’s name (Shiroba or Shiruba transliterated to Japanese).