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Known as SilverStrangequark on DeviantArt, Tumblr, FurAffinity and the Nuzlocke forums, SilverQuark on Flight Rising. I mostly draw Pokémon and dragons.

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The date of the next update is TBD! It will be a BIG video covering an ENTIRE song, and featuring all of the Elite Four battles minus the Champion. The Champion battle will get its own time in the sun after this update. My trusted friend Robin, aka videomaker extraordinaire, is working on turning my drawings into a video for you all to see. Please be patient, I promise it will be worth the wait!
Three pages this week! So I can finally wrap up the awkward middle chapter, give every side character something to do since we won't be seeing them again (yeah, including Hugh), and prepare for the big showdown. I hope this mess of words helped some of you clear up the ideas you had on Silver's travels and his purpose in Unova. I look forward to the E4, and I hope you do as well.
I expect that some people will be upset I chose to skip the Drayden fight. In reality, it was very uneventful, so uneventful I don't even remember how I won in detail. I know that Cody and Sumihiro did their work with Tail Slap and Blizzard, and the latter may have appropriately been what sac'd the ace.

I won't apologise for skipping, though, both for plot reasons (since I needed Mathilda to be dead) and for time reasons. I'm approaching the fourth anniversary of this comic, and what energy I have left right now to draw it is entirely devoted to giving it a satisfying enough ending. I know it's not the masterpiece nuzlocke everyone should read, but it's been a learning experience and that's enough for me.

Plus, let's face it, the final chapter is literally all battles. You won't be missing action for sure :P
Remember when Drayden tried to bust into the kitchen to stop Amanda and the grunt from reaching Silver, but Zinzolin flung a Blizzard at his prized Haxorus? That's what did her in. I figured it would make sense for other people's Pokémon to die too, since that was a nasty surprise STAB attack.
TL;DR what we already know - that Silver went to the past thinking it wouldn't change much, since he hadn't been travelling in 2011-2012 anyway, BUT surprise surprise. He got flung onto another timeline that messed up with his. So now what happens? Well... that's for the sequels! He'll be travelling a lot, for sure.

Sorry for the text dump. It's the last time and it's shortly before a hugely fast-paced final chapter, so you won't be missing the action for much.
Poor Casper, trying to make it "simple". Silver has solved complex field integrals that were more intelligible than those words.
@Vaarka: Thank you :D Let me know what you think of it once you catch up!
What we're going to go over in this chapter is mostly just making official what should be clear by now - that is, the time shenanigans Silver was involved in. Should anything still be unclear or inconsistent after this chapter, please let me know.
Last one before the final chapter! Get ready to roll!
@Vaarka: :( It's the worst when you really want to get back to a gameplay, but can't. Earlier this year, my Crystal cartridge got stolen while I was on the bus and not looking, I still haven't gotten over it!
Since I seem to keep on missing my Wednesday updates, I think it's time to officially switch the update schedule to just Saturdays. I'll be posting 2-3 pages, depending on how many I have ready!

I would also like to thank everyone who nominated Sumihiro for saddest death in a comic run on the Nuzlocke forums. I have been anticipating the awards because I really wanted him to make it past the preliminary selections. I'm really glad he did :)

The next chapter will be mostly exposition, but it won't be too long. Just trying to tie up some loose ends before the very last (before the epilogue), in which - you guess it - League shenanigans happen!
This was supposed to be Silver cradling Cody in his arms, and him curling up against his chest, but obviously I messed up their anatomy :D Well, at least it's a cute moment, right?

Also, hey, the colours are back! Now you can see why I decided to not use them for a bit. It seemed only appropriate to have a black-and-white moment of grievance and make the colours return afterwards. With this, we're ready to move on - with a heavy heart, of course, but the show must go on.
I tried pretty hard to come up with something not cheesy for this. I typically see post-death moments like "the show must go on for the sake of the dead" and that never speaks to me. I think the living need stronger motivation than their own memories to go on. For Silver, that motivation should be not letting down the ones that are still alive, and have accompanied him through this hell of a journey, AND want to see it through to the end.
We're finally back! Thanks for the patience, everyone!

So the moment of Odette's redemption continues. This was the last backstory bit I had planned for her (or any of the characters, actually). Out of the entire cast, she has received the most mixed reception due to her character - some love her for her sass, some hate her for being a bitch. I can't blame the latter :P But I hope that this impression will be at least SOMEWHAT mitigated after the conversation she's having with Silver. If you're one of the Odette haters, let me know if I managed to make you hate her a little bit less!
Head’s up: I will be gone from home for at least a week shortly, so expect updates to resume sometime around mid-December. I should be able to post again even on Wednesdays by then. Thanks for the patience!
There just had to be a fully fledged Gary Stu in this story, so it might as well be the pretty swan and love interest of the bitter, snappy lady.
As you can see, Silver is taking it REALLY hard. Of all teammates, it's Cody who has to cheer him up. You know you've hit rock bottom if you're being consoled by someone who just lost his father.
But now! ODETTE MOMENT. I was SO looking forward to this. You'll see.
Sorry for the erratic update pace. It's more difficult for me to get an update out during weekdays as of late, but I'll do my best to keep at least Saturday posts unchanged. Don't worry if you don't see a page when you expect it, I have no intention of abandoning this comic, especially now that it's so close to the end!
Watch the video version here =>

The song is Bryan Adams' Sound the Bugle, from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. I think it speaks for itself.