I am SilverStrangequark from the Nuzforums! Starting today (May 31st, 2014), I'm going to document my nuzlocke runs here, in webcomic form.
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Second attempt at Black Kyurem: less unacceptable (because "more acceptable" sounds too vain for this kind of result), just a liiiiittle tiny bit on the fat side (I know this is Unova, but please stop going to Mc Donald's), probably with oddly positioned shoulders. Hm.

There's quite a lot I have to work on, it seems.

Anyway, news! Chapter 14 is finally over. Not 14c, 14, as in the entire saga. We're hitting off with 15 next time, because I think it makes sense now that the Big Bad has entered the scene in its fully fledged form.

I hope you're excited for what's to come. Fasten your seatbelts - trust me, you'll need that this time.
And now, after a stupid joke on the previous page, have an infamous cinema trope. (Mostly cinema, at least, I think.) I'm feeling veeery original today.
This was going to go super smoothly, right?


...C'mon, we're on top of a mountain, everything is all but smooth.
A very belated Studio Ghibli meme, tagged by Krysantine (DeviantArt)!

This is from Castle in the Sky, or Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa. It plays on Silver’s name (Shiroba or Shiruba transliterated to Japanese).
@Tepig16: You're right, actually, that's what was bugging me and I couldn't put a finger on it. Thank you!
And there goes our deus ex machina.
I'm okay with how N came out. I'm not sure about Zekrom - maybe I should've made it bigger? But then again, it wouldn't have fit in the picture. I think the face is weird, for the most part, because the rest of the body is alright I guess.
Time for the friendly neighbourhood deus ex machina to work out a corner save for our heroes!
The way I draw Hydreigon amuses me. I tried to make the faces edgier with the bloodshot eyes, but then I gave them all flowery lavender purple crowns. If this weren't Ghetsis' murderdragon, it would almost look silly.
I'm actually not terribly displeased with the mountains, for once. Sure, they look simplistic and maybe the colours are off, but I've done worse. (Right?)
I'm not sorry for that silly drool, I wanted a comical (in both senses) face punch. In reality, I probably used Crunch, but three years ago - when this nuzlocke was played - I had a bad habit of not noting down the details of how I won each battle, so it's really anyone's guess how the Eelektross went down. At the very least, it's highly likely it was Felix fighting it, because taking face-up Electric STAB damage is no fun if you can help it.
I was going to draw the Bisharp too, originally, but then there wasn't much room left... and I decided to cut it out, because well, frankly Bisharp is pretty trivial when you have Pokémon with great Attack and Brick Break for coverage. As well as, you know, Casper, who can just burn that part-Dark weakness to the ground.
News flash: Casper can be immaterial, like all other ghosts. My headcanon is that they can control how consistent their bodies are, which is why they easily escape Normal- or Fighting-type attacks, but not as much other attacks, that are more based on the Pokémon equivalent of "magic" than brute force. It doesn't explain how they're unable to avoid Rock, Ground or other such moves, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Damn you Ghetsis, stop ruining my ice cream plans!
I hate how stupidly late Ice Beam is in this game, but at least now I get to use it.

I couldn't resist the stupid joke. Sorry.
Drawing a human flying on a bird is super awkward for some reason. Especially since I had to fit Silver on Odette, which is... fairly unrealistic, if we're being practical. I mean, what sensible human adult would trust themselves to fly on a swan and not fall off?
I'm anticipating the update a little this week, since I'll soon have a friend and her bestie over as guests until the next weekend and that'll make me busier than average.

Also, let me just make a guilty admission here: I love having my characters pour salt and fling sick burns at each other.
Oops, I think I missed a leg there. Don't tell anyone.

Ominous evil guy is ominous.
Hey, at least *this* Kyurem is a little better than the one on the cover!