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Wow, Chapter Two is a lot shorter than I realized. Originally, Chapter One & Two were part of one long script, but we decided to divvy them up into two halves to break up the story a bit... Huh. Might have to add some rewrites or give it a longer bonus story when we look into publishing.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed that! We'll be back with Chapter Three soon! ...SOON.
That's... Oddly heroic of you, Dal.
Yeah, guys! Make up your minds!
Morgan's getting serious.
Zintkala can be cute in times of need.
This hasn't been one of Zintkala's better days.
This is a no-pants zone, apparently.
Finders-keepers, Zintkala.
"F*** birds, amiright?"

(That was a joke. I swear I actually like birds!)
Colby can be such a douche-canoe.
Man, I can't seem to keep these page sizes uniformed.
Because hitting the computer is always the answer.
Meanwhile, at that place...
You were so close, Finch! SO CLOSE!!! (;A;)
Lieutenant Finch is just some big cat that likes to chill on Faustin's window sill.
You have the worst ideas, Faustin.
And we're back!
And this ends Chapter One! I shall upload the entirety of Chapter Two soon, just going to take a short break.