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Bloop. I like reading comics. Someday there may be writing comics. But life is pear shaped at the moment.

I make a lot of Archer and Red vs Blue references. I am sorry. Mostly.
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he's like the wholesome jared :/ worried bout that kid tho. beelzejared.
special v-neck angel jammies?
@Meta-Akira: you really gonna dance around that splendid butt shot eh?
he's..... so disastrously extra........i can't........... there were so many other ways to solve this problem
even the big guy's confused lol :3
hmmm.... something to filter the air bc pheromones or sth? wonder what it's supposed to do :o
*pointing angrily at the phone* YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!
silvain has the most beautiful ass i've ever seen on a man, my god
hiro making those little whistle noises when he snores..... i'm dying, send help
this is .... surprisingly comforting
good guy smegli
NAP POWERS, ACTIVATE!!!!!!!!! zzzzz fuck off zzzzzzzz
@Loptr: what?? this is darcy we're talking about. it if can't slice you paper-thin she's not wielding it
i have the biggest fucking awful smile on my face! DARCY-CHAN!!!
@scandinavian: nope i too got blindsided like getting tboned with an eighteen wheeler full of drunk angry cats
oh wow, jerry has an actual asshole now? how many times has he molted by now?
@Chickeneverland: he's actually accepting feedback and doing some introspection, so i'd count a yes. defnite yes if he actually manages to write 'anything else'