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Bloop. I like reading comics. Someday there may be writing comics. But life is pear shaped at the moment.

I make a lot of Archer and Red vs Blue references. I am sorry. Mostly.
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June 16th, 2019
you know, even if everything goes to shit in the next few pages.... i'm really glad they had this, just a carefree day at the beach with people who aren't really the best choice in friends but are better than what they had.
wow cutie!!! but seems like up to no good lol

also, last panel: me at work waiting on the slow ass elevator
i know it doesn't do anything to push the button repeatedly but it sure helps release that excess emotion lol
@Guest: ive seen those scars in relation to like, open chest surgery type things. the sorts of scars they like to scare u with in like, anti smoking ads and cholesterol ads
@WingFreak: no that makes perfect sense as long as you can get the subtleties of what you said. he'd lead them into substance abuse and probably bad coping mechanisms, but he's not going to sexually abuse them
@Karmazyna: actually, now that i've had some time to think, maybe he found out he was a bastard? as an ex catholic my mind jumped to the worst conclusion first but in that era i feel like a lot of the clergy positions especially higher up were corrupt with nepotism and misusing a position of high standing for personal gain...? idk, forgive me if this makes no sense i just got off work and am dead x_x
i love
blinking man.gif

somebody having daddy issues or what? jfc.. oh wait. oh NO. oh no...
@Guest: he's got..... yaoi hands.... :<
i love seeing all of their families and dynamics and the little 'ah that's why they're like that' lightbulbs going off uwu

o.o excited to see who this is, the coloring reminds me of the guard from the first bit of shopping adventure they had

also *holds Sage tightly forever and never lets go* ;A;
June 4th, 2019
aw omg his tag's stickin out
OH MY GOD WAIT i just got the troll 2 reference
ok so do we get to find out who darcy's hot cousin is? sibling?
@DoctorGlasgow: oh my god i knew i had seen the movie it was referencing!!! oh god it was awful
uh oh.... is this a weird dream?
like.... that dude had a stick up his ass before, but now he's got like, five sticks up there
hoe dont do it

oh my god