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Bloop. I like reading comics. Someday there may be writing comics. But life is pear shaped at the moment.

I make a lot of Archer and Red vs Blue references. I am sorry. Mostly.
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@WingFreak: yes! sometimes ya just get queefy, it's natural!
they seem like good eggs uwu
*sighs in resignation as the final shoe drops right onto my face* called it
@portisHeart: i feel like i should just let this build up a couple weeks and then come back to read it all in one chunk but i just cant.... i can totally feel that other shoe hovering just above us waiting to crush sth
god i FUCKING love him
they bicker like an old married couple..
hah! i knew those stinkers were up to no good

YAY OUR FRIENDS!!! its so nice to see them again ^^
you know, here i was thinking ragnok was a lot of things, but not once did i think he'd be squeamish.
ITS OUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Oh my god" indeed.
April 11th, 2019
is this girl ever gonna get a goddamn therapist
@deo101: yer damn right lmao, i usually snatch up enough Feb 15th Clearance Candy Day goodies to last me through Zombie God Clearance Candy Day, 50% off is a huge discount and i can't resist a good sale
@deo101: that sucks the closest i found was this ( 0274.html ) i wonder how hard it is to sew hoodie material :/c

darn that trendy luzio making it so hard to copy the look
hgngnnhngn want that hoodie >.>
@deo101: hmm, truth, i should just make them whenever i want because i only ever get into the holiday spirit two days after the holiday is over :3
also i kind of always get excited seeing the 'new' on ur comic and start chanting PATHWAYS PATHWAYS PATHWAYS in my head while the page loads X3
well i don't hear george having a better plan for getting DT back from the rockets!! doesnt this kid know anything