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Bloop. I like reading comics. Someday there may be writing comics. But life is pear shaped at the moment.

I make a lot of Archer and Red vs Blue references. I am sorry. Mostly.
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if he ain't the cutest hunk o' captain i ever seen
noahs face made me straight up wheeze
*glances at the empty box of nilla wafers from my last 'dinner substitute' which apparently is a depression meal*
isn't that the same old lady that the Chlorinator blasted with pool water on a hot day? maybe she's got superpowers from the chlorine
YAY!~!!!!!!!!! rereading and forgot she was in here. i love her <3333
@BurstThrough: sounds like she'd be up for both lol
@lines: he must be a human shaped slime and his skin is actually the membrane
fancy lads!!!!!! my brain is mush rn so i cannot summon questions, but i am excite for new chapter ~
sleep-pea and worry-pea tucked up in a pod <333
@Murderhorse: aw......shit. i was so busy cheering kylee on i forgot about that
i hope he's built up some semblance of muscle workin on the ranch D: he's got the right spirit, he probably won't make it out of this unscathed, but his heart's in the right place :c
no wonder i like him so much, he's an ADD disaster child like me XD
i like her!!!!! angie has good taste
OH MY GOD i've had this exact thing happen to me, it's bullshit
how dare u use salad boy as leverage!!!!!!!!!! >:V better hustle n earn that trust back
magic light turnoff??
yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh uncle aidan!!!!!!!!!!