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Allo. I am Ty :3 Bisexual, fun, kinda pervy but aren't we all, I love to laugh and have fun, but having little debates is fun too. I adore reading comics and books, manga and anime, otakus and such, potterhead and all :3
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    Ty Cherri
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Jake and Alex in the background!!!
He's pretty and bossy^^ oh yes
Go Josh!!! he might be an asshole to Kenzie (my sweetheart T.T) but he's a great friend to Brook and the gang and will defend them and his family #respect
@Whitespirit: ah yes, I got in, thank you for your worry :) now it's about transportation lol
Kleio basically called Aison tall, dark, and handsome XD and then some. I love how Aison can play him like a fiddle.
AAAAAAAH!!!!!! ITS BAAAAAAAAACK *cries* welcome back!!! thank you for returning. i keep forgetting that they think Kleio is girl lol
Poor Kaleb XD aaawww
I feel bad for Zayn :(
I hope they manage to form a long distance relationship >.>
these two break my heart </3
Maybe his cutie Ashira can fix that <3
Eeeee!!! My favorite comic!
Welcome back!!^^ I feel like that's Krow, from the letters. I wonder if it's about his lover ;)
Omg I have missed this comic so much!! I'm glad to see you're okay^^
Oooo~ that'll be awkward. Interesting but awkward
Awwwe T.T I want them to be happy
Awe Aki sweety it isn't your fault! You just miss your lovey Kaidou :3 no harm no foul