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Comment on Chapter 1 Page 3 of Requiem for Rebirth
HAPS, 19 Sep 2009 10:42 am
thankyou all!
just wanted to say a huge thanks to everybody! it really touches me how people still enjoy this comic, and it motivates me to make another sometime!

replying to uzuma, if i make another comic i might post a news entry here, but i would most likely post a journal or promotional art on my deviantart page instead. if you have an account there and would like to follow my art, or just want to drop by to take a look at my more recent stuff (my style has changed quite a bit), my page is http://haps.deviantart.com/

replying to sieven, yes, this is a sonic spinoff. it is a comic that explored my fancharacters' pasts, and i had it pretty well planned out but i just lost interest i guess. though when the sonic team i'm in finally gets put together, i might very well make a comic about their story! :)

again, thankyou all so much, your comments and support mean so much to me and really inspire me to keep going!
Comment on Chapter 1 Page 3 of Requiem for Rebirth
HAPS, 23 Aug 2009 10:37 pm
re: Update
hey Uzuma (and anybody else reading rfr),
sorry it took me forever to respond, unfortunately i've stopped working on this comic so i don't check back here very often. but thank you for showing interest, it makes me really happy to see how people still come back to read and vote. it's extremely likely that i'll make another comic in the future, and it will probably be planned a lot more efficiently.
Comment on Chapter 1 Page 3 of Requiem for Rebirth
HAPS, 05 Jul 2009 08:26 pm
So here's page 3! I'm wondering if I should switch its order with the page before it, like if that would flow better? But I have no idea. Let me know.

This page had some firsts for me, I guess. Lighting an object in front of a window, chairs, and that awkward slightly-leaning-on-the-bed pose. I think it came out decently.

As always, enjoy and please vote for RFR in Top Web Comics! Today's incentive: Amy Rose.
Comment on Chapter 1 Page 2 - Chapter Cover of Requiem for Rebirth
HAPS, 04 Jul 2009 10:14 pm
Apparently I have a red cape fetish.
Yeah. Well.

So! A second page today. As a chapter cover it's supposed to be higher quality than my other pages, but leave it to me to throw something together in the last hour or so before bed. Here I violently throw at you, two emo chicks and a flashy-red cape! ENJOY.

On a side note, here's hoping that this comic will strengthen my drawing skills at the expense of my eyes.

Oh, my poor eyes.
Comment on Chapter 1 Page 1 of Requiem for Rebirth
HAPS, 04 Jul 2009 10:30 am
Oh my goodness gracious.
Chapter 1 Page 1! I never thought it would actually happen.

I had two choices in how to start the story: a), I begin with Lullaby and Riddle in some nondescript cafe and going a little bit more into Symphony, or b), I begin with Melody, showing her former life and her meeting with Opera. I chose the second option because I felt it would go better with the flow of the story. It totally doesn't have to do with my Melody obsession. What?

Well this page is pretty easy to get. Sooo no explanation.

That grey pile is supposed to be bodies. Oh god. Maybe by some miracle I'll become less lazy over time.

So yes. Here it is. Page 1. Jesus.

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